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We’ve curated a list of 7 specialty drink and doughnut pairings that’ll shake up your daily routine and give you an excuse to try something new. Each day of the week represents a new doughnut and drink pairing, available in our deal throughout September.

Whether it’s a Piccolo with the Sea Salt Caramel Banana Cream or a Beetroot Latte with the Passionfruit & Blueberry, each pairing will be served fresh for just £4.50 at Crosstown stores across London.

See below for the full list of pairings and what makes each selection so special.


Monday – Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze & Flat White

Ease into the week with a classic combination. Our Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze and flat white coffee embody simple pleasures, but they’re made special with the very best ingredients.
Our flat white is made of Caravan Coffee Roasters’ Market Blend, which has notes of red berry, honeycomb and vanilla. It pairs perfectly with our classic Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, which is crafted with Heilala’s award-winning, aromatic vanilla.

Tuesday – Sea Salt Caramel Banana Cream & Piccolo

Treat yourself to an indulgent, flavour packed combination with this decadent pair. Our Sea Salt Caramel Banana Cream doughnut is an all-time favourite and has been in the Crosstown line-up for the last five years. Its rich and indulgent flavours can be cut through perfectly with our punchy little piccolo. Our trained baristas make piccolos with a double shot of Caravan Coffee Roasters’ La Cristalina single origin roast and a small amount of silky, unhomogenised Jersey milk from The Estate Dairy. The rapadura sugar and white grape notes of the piccolo compliment the indulgent dough phenomenally.

Wednesday – Cinnamon Scroll & Soy Chai Latte

Soothe the humpday blues with this warming and comforting combination. Our fan-favourite chai latte is made from whole spices and agave, Prana Chai’s earthy masala blend and creamy Bonsoy soy milk. Dip our vanilla-glazed Cinnamon Scroll in this nourishing chai latte to reach maximum relaxation.

Thursday – Matcha Tea & Latte

Stop by your nearest Crosstown store to try this sweet and smooth after-lunch treat. The fudginess of our Matcha Tea cake doughnut pairs well with the creaminess of our latte, which is made with a heavy pour of The Estate Dairy’s Jersey milk. This winning combination will pick you right up after a long morning – or top off your Thursday lunch nicely.

Friday – Lemon-Thyme & Beetroot Dough (ve) & Sandows Cold Brew

Kickstart your Friday with this light and refreshing combo. This doughnut’s velvety beetroot dough and light lemon-thyme glaze matches well with the softer, fruitier flavours of Sandow’s cold brew coffee. This stunning drink is brewed for 16-20 hours and triple filtered, and while it’s high in caffeine, it’s less bitter than espresso-based coffee. It’s also available in both nitro and bottled options. This deal of the day will refresh and brighten your Friday in the tastiest of ways!

Saturday – Passionfruit & Blueberry & Beetroot Latte (hot or iced)

This pairing is for the adventurous and zesty Londoners who want to try new – and eye catching – things! Our Passionfruit & Blueberry doughnut is made with black cocoa dough, which is a striking canvas for one of our newest fillings: a tingling yuzu passionfruit custard. The blueberry glaze is deep in natural colour and looks dreamy next to our bright pink, lightly citrusy beetroot latte. This bright latte is made using beetroot powder, lucuma and orange and is served either hot or iced. This combination is the ultimate way to shake up your routine!

Sunday – Strawberry and English Sparkling Rosé (ve) & Jarr Kombucha

Hold onto summer with this effervescent combination. Our Strawberry and English Sparkling Rosé doughnut is made with vintage rosé from Gusbourne, a family vineyard in Kent. The sophisticated strawberry compote filling compliments Jarr’s flavourful fermented kombucha to a tee. A playful and elegant pairing, this vegan combination is perfect for a Sunday picnic in the park.

We’re proud to serve up the freshest doughnuts & drinks across the capital. Our vegan and vegetarian doughnuts are crafted by 365 days of the year, while our specialty drinks are made with high-quality ingredients and brewed by professionally trained baristas. Take advantage of these specials while they last – they’re only here for the month of September!

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