Crosstown’s most popular ice cream flavours

Jan 20, 2022 | General

In July 2020, we added a second product line to our award-winning doughnut range by introducing Crosstown ice cream. Since then, we’ve welcomed Crosstown cookies, chocolate, and gifts to the line-up. Turning Crosstown from once a solely go-to destination for doughnuts, to a premium sweet treat brand.

But back to ice cream for a second, because that’s why you’re here, right?

Crosstown ice cream is crafted using traditional churning methods, combining high-quality, seasonal ingredients to create small batches of ice cream flavours with smooth silky finishes.

To accompany the ice cream flavours, there is the option of adding homemade toppings inspired by our award-winning doughnut flavours. These include our signature vanilla bean crumble, chocolate soil and sprinkles.

Like our doughnuts, we introduce seasonal ice creams regularly to our line-up all year round. Last summer the Pistachio joined the gang and at Christmas, we welcomed Baileys (which sold out within the six weeks it was available), both flavours were a hit amongst Crosstown fans.

With seasonal flavours coming and going, sometimes you cannot beat a classic ice cream flavour, because every month 


flavours such as Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, and Strawberries & Cream come out on top, again and again.

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt (ve) – Rich, dark, decadent chocolate ice cream with sea salt. Pairs perfectly with our signature vanilla bean crumble.

Strawberries & Cream – British summer in an ice cream! Bursting with strawberries and fresh British cream, pairs perfectly our signature vanilla bean crumble.

However, in first place for Crosstown’s most popular ice cream flavour is (insert drum roll)… Crosstown Cookie Dough.

We couldn’t resist taking our two new products of 2020, cookies and ice cream, and blending them together. Our smooth creamy Madagascan vanilla ice cream, packed full of chunks of rich dark Crosstown cookie dough and chocolate chips.

Week on week, we see this ice cream flavour at the top of the hit list. Which feels like a no brainer, really. Who wouldn’t want cookies and ice cream rolled into one?

You can enjoy Crosstown ice cream in every which way, whether it’s a pot to enjoy in front of your favourite film, scooped into an ice cream cone, or fancy something a little more extravagant like our signature Ice Cream Sundae (featuring two scoops of your


Crosstown cookie dough ice cream pot 3
Dairy Ice Cream Selection (12) | Ice Cream | Crosstown 2

favourite ice cream flavours, served with a cookie crescent and doughnut-inspired toppings).

You’d think that’s all we could possibly do with our ice cream, well you’re in for a treat.

Each flavour can be served with The Estate Dairy milk or oat milk to create a refreshing shake, or paired with the Crosstown x Caravan Coffee Roasters espresso and cinnamon sugar doughnut biscotti, in our affogato (if you’ve never had one, get to a Crosstown scoop bar, pronto).

Crosstown ice cream is available in pots (120ml) and pints (500ml) in-store, for collection, on-demand, and next-day delivery across Greater London and Cambridge. Better yet, you can get scoops of your favourite Crosstown ice cream flavours from our scoop bars, available at our Canary Wharf, Greenwich, and Cambridge stores. Want to place an order, click here.

Stay tuned for upcoming ice cream releases by following us on Instagram.

View the entire ice cream menu here.

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