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Decent: The Full Package

Aug 20, 2021 | In-Store, Updates

We’re thrilled to be among one of thirty retailers involved in Decent’s project, The Full Package project – the first public-facing compost collection of its kind.

Who are Decent?

We’ve been working with Decent since they launched in London in 2019, using their plant-based packaging in-store for our coffee cups, lids, napkins, and more.

Decent packaging, makes carbon zero plant-based products from the most sustainable materials available, transforming takeaway packaging into an industry beyond oil.  The essential concept at the heart of Decent is to ensure that they can unmake everything they make.

What is The Full Package, we hear you say?

In 2020 Decent launched their campaign The Full Package, a collection service for compostable packaging, creating a compositing solution for single-use disposable packaging.

With nearly 70% of plastic waste deriving from packaging, this project showcases that zero waste solutions exist, bringing us one step closer to reducing waste ending up in landfills.

When visiting us in-store you’ll find Decent bins readily available for you to recycle compostable packaging after use, including our coffee cups. The waste is collected by First Mile, then integrated into the organic waste system to produce soil, for growing food, and producing more compostable coffee cups.

Our Impact

At Crosstown we act with practical conscience, using sustainably sourced packaging where we can. That’s why being a part of Decent’s, The Full Package was a no-brainer, offering us a rounded recycling solution. We like to better our practices and evolve where we think we can to make a lasting positive contribution.

Visit us in-store or place an online order for your Crosstown fix.

For a full list of locations click here.

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