Veganuary 2022 at Crosstown

Jan 6, 2022 | Charity, Updates, Vegan Crosstown

For Veganuary 2022 we’ve teamed up with no food waste chef and author Max La Manna to create a Bread Pudding, handcrafted from left-over vegan sourdough doughnuts.

Tell you more about Max La Manna, you say? 

Max is an American-born UK-based chef and an award-winning author. With over 1.2 million unique followers, Max spends his days creating and developing simple, delicious recipes that prevent food waste.

Behind the Bread Pudding

At Crosstown we’ve always been conscious of our environmental impact, striving toward solutions to better our practices. Working with Max has made us step back and rethink the way in which we tackle doughnut waste in our bakery.

So, with Max’s drive of reducing food waste, whilst still creating beautifully plant-based meals and our unique flavour profiles, we’ve created the Crosstown x Max La Manna: Bread Pudding. The bread pudding utilises remaining doughnuts that don’t make it to our stores, whilst we aim to keep waste to a minimum, there are inevitably a few rings, cinnamon scrolls, or ball doughnuts that don’t make it through to the finished product. 

We’ve combined the left-over vegan sourdough doughnuts with macerated forced rhubarb and a homemade oat milk custard,

topped with almond crumble and part-baked to golden perfection, ready to be popped in the oven at home.

The bread pudding is the very first hot dessert to come out of the Crosstown bakery, it’s something we are extremely excited to see being served in the comfort of our customers’ homes on these long winter evenings. For the ultimate indulgent pudding, pair it with your favourite Crosstown small batch ice cream flavour.

You’d think that the bread pudding couldn’t get any better, wouldn’t you? Well, your wrong, as with every bread pudding sold Max and ourselves are donating 15% to The Felix Project.

Who is The Felix Project?

The Felix Project is a London-based food redistribution charity set up in 2016. They believe in a vision where no-one in London goes hungry and good food is never wasted. And together, they believe we can win the fight against food waste and hunger in London.

The Crosstown x Max La Manna: Bread Pudding is available in-store, for collection, and on-demand delivery, as well as next-day delivery across Greater London and Cambridge.

Place an order before the 31st January.

Yuzu & Passion Fruit (ve) | Chocolate | Crosstown 2

other veganuary activations

Veganuary doesn’t stop with the Crosstown x Max La Manna: Bread Pudding, we’ve got some other sweet treats up our sleeves, such as the return of the Pistachio Scroll doughnut and free plant-based milk upgrades for January.

Pistachio Scroll

Crafted with black and white vegan doughs which have been rolled into a spiral scroll before being filled with a luscious pistachio custard. Each scroll is then hand-dipped into a pistachio glaze and finished with the finest pistachio nibs.

Free plant-based milk

When purchasing your morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up, you can upgrade to an alternative plant-based milk for free.

Enjoy your specialty drink with a choice of soya or oat milk at all Crosstown stores or head to vegan Crosstown Marylebone for our full range of dairy-free alternatives including almond and coconut milk.

Find out all about our Veganuary offering here.


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