Take the stress out of the season with Crosstown’s Christmas Corporate Gifting.
With a fully managed service available, including delivery, experience luxury gifting as it should be


Order in advance

secure your seasonal gifting early and with ease; our exquisite gift boxes are available for advance orders from the start of November. Book now for peace of mind as you enter the festive period

DelIVERY from 1st December

deliveries of our meticulously curated gift boxes begin on the 1st of December, bringing timely cheer to your clients and an early Christmas present to you


requiring only a 7-day lead time our efficient process ensures your luxurious gifts are prepared and dispatched swiftly and accurately

Customisation Options

add that personal touch with our multiple customisation options, offering the flexibility to tailor both the contents and branding of your gift boxes to resonate with your brand’s identity and values


Step into the festive season with our range of Christmas doughnuts, a treat for the senses and a sure fire hit for your gifting recipients. Choose from any of the below, or customise a bespoke collection that works for you. 

Kick off with the Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, a rich blend of homemade ganache and chocolate dough, gilded with a shiny glaze and sprinkled with crunchy hazelnuts and a sparkle of gold. The Ginger, Blackberry & Pear vegan doughnut delivers a zesty buzz with its pear and ginger glaze and blackberry heart, topped off with a pear puree and a hint of candied ginger. For a taste of Parisian sophistication, our vegan Mont Blanc doughnut takes centre stage, combining spiced dough with a warm chestnut custard, a swathe of cream cheese and chestnut glaze, and a crowning vegan meringue. The Spiced Date & Earl Grey Dough bite is pure comfort, with its cardamom and allspice dough, date and cinnamon custard centre, and a sophisticated Earl Grey and white chocolate glaze, finished with almond shards for a satisfying crunch. Rounding out the selection is the Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard Dough Bite, an irresistible classic with creamy vanilla custard enveloped in our soft sourdough. This range is brimming with innovative flavours and textures, ready to make any recipient’s day.


Christmas Corporate Gifts
Christmas Wine Gift Box - Corporate Gifting


Our Christmas luxury gift boxes offer a choice selection of discerning fine wines & craft beers to accompany our luxury doughnuts.

Featuring the St. John Bordeaux Blanc, a white wine with a mineral-citrus profile from France’s renowned Bordeaux region, which stands as a testament to the classic Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon blend​​. It is complemented by the St. John Cabernet Syrah, a red from Languedoc-Roussillon that tempts with a rich tapestry of black fruits and clove spice​. From England’s verdant vineyards, the Gusbourne offers a sparkling experience brimming with orchard fruits and toasty undertones, a crowning glory of English winemaking​​. The French Crémant de Limoux adds a touch of crisp elegance, its fine bubbles crafted from a blend that highlights Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc​. The Roaring Meg Pinot Noir from New Zealand provides a vibrant array of berry fruit aromatics, a wine that mirrors the rugged beauty of Central Otago with every sip​​.

For Beers Forest Road’s Posh Lager is a crisp, British brew with Kentish hops, while their Work IPA is a unique hybrid with juicy orange blossom notes​​. From Mondo Brewing, the Dennis Hopp’r IPA delivers a harmonious balance of bitterness and citrus​​, and the Road Soda Pale Ale offers a fruity, full-bodied experience​​. These selections perfectly complement our available wines, and can even be combined to further elevate your clients’ festive celebrations.


Enhance the indulgence of our Christmas gift boxes with a bespoke selection of extras, each chosen to complement the refined wines and artisanal doughnuts.

Add a bag of whole bean Crosstown x Caravan Espresso, a collaboration that yields a rich, complex espresso blend with notes of chocolate and caramel, perfect for a sophisticated palate after enjoying a fine wine. Or try Mörk Original 70% Dark Hot Chocolate an opulent treat, crafted from pure dark chocolate and promising a velvety, decadent experience that’s as rich as the red wines we offer​.2.

For the coffee aficionados, the V60 Coffee Kit offers an elegant ritual, pairing beautifully with a quiet moment away from the festive bustle. Finally, the Crosstown Enamel Cup serves not just as a vessel for their morning brew or hot chocolate but as a lasting memento of your gift, with its sturdy craftsmanship and classic design it stands alongside the timeless quality of the wines and the contemporary charm of the doughnuts​.

Christmas Coffee Corporate Gift Box Add On