Windsor Coffee Van Hire

Have the very best artisan coffee at your event in Windsor with our exclusive Coffee Van Hire.
Our expertly trained baristas, paired with state-of-the-art equipment, promise a sophisticated coffee experience that will captivate your guests.
(And you can always pair with our premium doughnuts)



Picture this, you choose the exclusive Coffee Van Hire from Crosstown for your special event at your chosen location in Windsor. You’ll be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed, artisan coffee wafting through the air and a mobile coffee station in a modern yet timeless setup designed to offer a sophisticated addition to your event.

As your guests step up to order, they’ll be presented with a menu of high-quality espresso coffee, paired with an extensive range of milks to cater to every preference. The coffee, sourced from award-winning Caravan Coffee Roasters, is of the highest quality, promising a sensory journey from the first sip to the last.

Accompanying the coffee is a selection of other beverages: Mörk hot chocolate, Prana Chai, and tea from London-local Zig Zag. For those seeking a cold refreshment, a selection of Karma Cola, Sandows cold brew, Moju juices, and Belu water can be made readily available. Each drink is a testament to Crosstown’s commitment to quality and craft.

From the careful craft of each beverage to the professional, courteous service, our Coffee Van Hire ensures a memorable experience for every guest. Each cup of coffee we serve is not just your normal morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up but an expression of our dedication to delivering a high quality coffee experience.

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Windsor Coffee Van - Coffee Making


from £835 (+VAT)min 2 hrsup to 150

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Our industry trained barista will give your next event a feeling of professionalism, while operating from a flexible machine that can be wherever you need it.

Crosstown has paired with award-winning Caravan Coffee Roasters to create the highest quality espresso coffee. We’ll bring an extensive  range of milks to cover all preferences, as well as Mörk hot chocolate, Prana Chai, and tea from London-local Zig Zag.

What's included

The coffee machine, Dana, from Capsule MFG in Southern California.

2 trained baristas, who set-up and pack down.

Caravan Coffee Roaster’s Market Blend espresso, decaf on prior request.

Milks including: dairy, oat, soy, coconut, cashew, and more
Zig Zag Tea.

Mörk hot chocolate and Prana Chai.


Available 7 days a week in and around Windsor. Please contact us for availability options.

Important Information

We will need road access to the venue, however we can tow across fields.

Requires a 32amp power, has a 10m cable to provide this.

Dimensions from tow bar to back of ramp 6m, and width of 2m.

1 hour set up required.

Add On's

doughnuts Doughnuts
Enjoy Crosstown’s iconic range of doughnuts including classic, premium and vegan! View our menu.
doughnuts Customisable Dough Bites
At around half the size, these are a perfect pick-me-up with optional customised toppers available.
doughnuts Cold Drinks
Karma Cola, Sandows cold brew, Moju juices and Belu water are all available as a great accompaniment.


At Crosstown, we’ve made it our mission to create a truly unforgettable coffee experience, providing moments away from the madness everyday. Our trained baristas are passionate professionals who meticulously craft each cup of coffee, tailored to individual preferences, using the finest beans sourced from our esteemed partner, Caravan Coffee Roasters. This London-based roastery is renowned for their exceptional, ethically-sourced specialty coffee that tantalises the senses with its rich aroma and unparalleled taste​.

We view the crafting of specialty drinks as an art, a meticulous process where each detail is a testament to our pursuit of perfection. The velvety texture of perfectly foamed milk, the balance of flavour and aroma in our coffee, and the smooth indulgence of our hot chocolate, are all testament to the time we spend curating our selection of specialty drinks. Our specialty drinks are not just about taste, but about creating a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guestsAt the core of what we do at Crosstown, we believe that luxury should not exclude inclusivity or sustainability. Our coffee van caters to all dietary preferences, offering high-quality milk alternatives and a range of other drinks to ensure everyone enjoys their perfect cup. The usage of bio-degradable cups, lids, straws, and spoons, echoes our commitment towards sustainability​​, each supplied by Decent Packaging. 

Why not elevate your event experience by pairing our expertly brewed specialty coffee with our exquisite artisan doughnuts? Our doughnuts are handcrafted using the finest ingredients to deliver a perfect balance of taste and texture. When combined with our coffee, it forms a match made in sweet treat heaven. Imagine your guests sipping on our rich, aromatic coffee while savouring the unique flavours of our premium doughnuts. From our classic flavours to our seasonal creations, there’s a doughnut for everyone. This extraordinary pairing is sure to leave your guests talking about your event for days to come.

Allow us to transform your event into a celebration of taste and quality with our Crosstown coffee van. Trust us, your guests’ taste buds will thank you.

Our Coffee Van hire is great for:

Weddings: The welcoming aroma of our Crosstown x Caravan Coffee Roasters Espresso fills the air, setting a warm and inviting tone for the ceremony. As the day progresses, each cup of our Mörk Original 70% Dark Hot Chocolate provides a moment of comfort, matching the joyful atmosphere of your special day.

Corporate Events: At corporate events, our coffee van becomes a revitalising space, breaking the monotony of meetings. Let the aromas of our specialty Americano invigorate attendees. Meanwhile, our Matcha Latte, with its smooth texture and calming properties, supports focus and concentration.

Art Exhibitions: Enhances the artistic environment, creating a sensory bridge between the art and the attendees. From a rich creamy Cappuccino to an Iced Beetroot Latte, each offering a refreshing break between gallery tours.

Festivals: In the vibrant, bustling environment of a festival, our coffee van is perfect as that morning refreshment or afternoon pick-me-up. The Iced Matcha Latte and Iced Americano offer a rejuvenating pause, with their distinct flavours and refreshing properties complementing the festival, keeping attendees energised and engaged with the day’s activities.

Farmers’ Markets: Let our coffee van become a part of the community spirit at your local farmers’ markets. We offer a wide breadth of drinks from Turmeric Latte to Soy Chai Latte, with their comforting aromatic spices, making the visit even more enriching for all.

Sports Events: At sports events, our coffee van enhances the spectator experience, providing a comforting and satisfying accompaniment to the thrill of the game. 

And much more…


“A hard act to follow, totally divine, these are the best doughnuts by a mile and super friendly, efficient staff too.”

“Our guests love Crosstown, they are always so helpful, great to work with and are such a hit with everyone.”

“The team provided an exceptional service and were on hand throughout the planning stages too.”

 Unparalleled Coffee Experience

Experience the epitome of luxury with Crosstown’s coffee van service. Our industry-trained baristas, dedicated to perfecting the art of coffee making, will bring a sense of professionalism and quality to your event in Windsor. Our partnership with the award-winning Caravan Coffee Roasters ensures the coffee served is of the highest quality. We also offer a myriad of milk alternatives to accommodate all dietary preferences.

   Convenience and Flexibility

Crosstown’s coffee van is a model of convenience and flexibility, tailored for easy access to your venue, including the capability to be towed across fields if necessary. It requires road access to the site. Our coffee van is self-sufficient, needing only a 32-amp power supply, and comes with a 10-meter cable to establish this connection. The dimensions of the van are practical, extending 6 meters from the tow bar to the back of the ramp, with a width of 2 meters. We allocate an hour for set-up to ensure that the van is ready to provide high-quality coffee service, allowing you to focus your attention on your event while we take care of the refreshments for your guests.

   Comprehensive Package

The coffee van service includes not only our high-end coffee machine but also two expertly trained baristas who handle setup and pack-down. The coffee selections include Caravan Coffee Roaster’s Market Blend espresso, with decaf available upon prior request. A variety of milks such as dairy, oat, soy, coconut, cashew and more are offered, alongside Zig Zag Tea, Mörk hot chocolate, and Prana Chai.

   Extend the Luxury

To make your event even more special, Crosstown’s coffee van service offers a range of add-ons. Enjoy our iconic range of doughnuts, available in classic, premium and vegan options. We also offer cold drinks such as Karma Cola, Sandows cold brew, Moju juices and Belu water. Customisable Dough Bites, half the size of regular doughnuts with optional customised toppers, are available as well, adding a touch of personalisation to your Windsor event.

“My experience with Crosstown was fantastic. I needed a large amount of doughnuts in a short amount of time. Crosstown were friendly and happy to help and got the amazingly tasty, fresh doughnuts to me before my work opened so I could distribute them among the floors.  It worked out perfectly. I would definitely use them again if I needed doughnuts.”

– Jackie, White & Case LLP

Hassle Free

Enjoy a seamless coffee experience as our team manages every detail of the coffee van hire for you; from setup to service.


Our coffee van delivers nothing but the best, with top-tier coffee curated by award-winning Caravan Coffee Roasters.

Solution Based

Overcome the challenge of finding the perfect event coffee service with our adaptable and high-quality coffee van

Windsor Coffee Van Hire

Elevate your event with Crosstown’s luxurious Coffee Van service. Our service is more than just providing coffee – it’s about creating a moment away from the madness. Our expertly trained baristas, use the finest beans sourced from our esteemed partner, Caravan Coffee Roasters, who are devoted to crafting the perfect cup of coffee, tailored to your unique preferences. To ensure inclusivity, we offer a selection of high-quality milk alternatives, as well as an extensive range of beverages including Mörk hot chocolate, Prana Chai, and tea from London-local Zig Zag. Our sustainable practices are embodied in our use of biodegradable cups, lids, straws, and spoons. The service includes set-up and pack down by our dedicated team, and we can cater anywhere in the UK, seven days a week. We also offer add-ons including Crosstown’s iconic range of doughnuts and cold drinks, perfect for enhancing the overall experience. With Crosstown’s Coffee Van, you’re not just serving coffee, you’re providing an unforgettable experience. Trust us to elevate your event and leave your guests with a lasting impression of you or your brand.