Crème Brûlée is back

is no longer available

crafted with love in the crosstown bakery

Crème Brûlée

Crafted with our award-winning vegan sourdough, the Crème Brûlée doughnut is filled with smooth Tongan vanilla custard and topped with caramelised sugar to give a distinctive crack and a real depth of flavour.

The Crème Brûlée box

The Crème Brûlée has teamed up with the Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, to create the ultimate indulgent doughnut box – suitable for vegans! Crème Brûlée will also be available in our Favourites and Vegan boxes from the 26th April.


the Crème Brûlèe doughnut is currently unavailable on the Crosstown line-up.


Crosstown prides itself on utilising the best quality ingredients whilst making everything in house – whether a jam, compote, glaze, filling or topping.


Read our full allergen information here.


All our doughnuts should be eaten on day of delivery. The Crème Brûlèe doughnut features a fresh custard filling and will spoil if left uneaten.

Our bakery processes try to ensure there are no cross-contamination between the vegan and original sourdough doughnuts. Whilst they are still made in the same bakery, all equipment and surfaces are sterilised before the vegan doughnuts are made and then fried in separate oil.

We produce all of our doughnuts in a bakery which we own and operate. This bakery uses peanuts and other nuts in some of our products. We have controls within our bakery that separate nuts and peanuts from other ingredients, and limit the ability for contamination. However, given we hand make an unsealed product, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with peanuts or nuts.