limited edition dough bites and gifts are no longer available

limited edition Halloween Dough Bites & Gifts

are no longer available

Crosstown Halloween 7

Halloween Dough Bites

Crafted with Crosstown’s spooky black cocoa dough, filled with homemade raspberry jam, and topped with a dark berry glaze. Finished with a spooky bat or pumpkin decoration.

Suitable for vegans!

Crosstown Halloween box


Fifteen limited edition Halloween dough bites, delivered direct to your door in time for a trick-or-treat. 

Add optional specialty drinks at checkout, including coffee, craft beer, and award-winning wine.

Crosstown cookie dough bites & ice cream

Trick or Treat Box

Fifteen Halloween dough bites + eighteen or thirty-six 35g cookies. 

Add optional specialty drinks at checkout, including coffee, craft beer, and award-winning wine.



Halloween is currently unavailable on the Crosstown line-up.


Crosstown prides itself on utilising the best quality ingredients whilst making everything in house – whether a jam, compote, glaze, filling or topping.


Read our full allergen information here.


We produce all of our doughnuts in a bakery which we own and operate. This bakery uses peanuts and other nuts in some of our products. We have controls within our bakery that separate nuts and peanuts from other ingredients, and limit the ability for contamination. However, given we hand make an unsealed product, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with peanuts, nuts or other allergens.

Crosstown ice cream and sorbet pre-orders are delivered by Crosstown drivers in dry ice.

Use insulated gloves or an implement like tongs to handle the packaging. Never touch the packaging with your hands or try to open it.

If there is some solid dry ice left in the packaging, leave this in the box on a flat surface in a well insulated space – outside is best. Leave the lid ajar and always keep away from children or pets. Allow the dry ice to sublimate.

Do not put dry ice in the sink or in the bin. First allow it to evaporate before disposing of the packaging.