ultimate foodie giveaway

Crosstown has joined forces with SEVEN exciting brands to curate the dream foodie giveaway worth over £1000

winners prize

– A years supply of Crosstown doughnuts.
– A year’s worth of Caravan Coffee Daily Blend
– Two months worth of allplants meals
– Four cases of fix8 kombucha
– Six months worth of Pasta Envgalist Recipe Kits
 A year’s supply of Hackney Gelato worth £120
– A bundle of Manilife products worth £100
– A bundle of Rhythm 108 goodies worth £130

RRP £1,100

About the brands

Crosstown all products


Crosstown is a London brand specialising in award-winning doughnuts, handcrafted cookies, small-batch ice cream, and extraordinary chocolate. We roll our signature sourdough dough by hand, with all of our jams, compotes, fillings, glazes, and toppings made in-house, using the finest seasonal ingredients. Our mission is to satisfy your tastebuds every day, all year round.


No energy to cook? Meet allplants: ready-to-eat meals with a difference. Delicious, nutritionally balanced, plant-based meals ready in minutes. With 80+ dishes to pick from, all packed with plant protein, 2 of your 5 a day and 100% wholefoods. Made to be good for you, the planet, and your taste buds.

Pip & Nut
Crosstown all products

Pasta Evangelists are the fresh pasta specialists, who deliver restaurant-quality dishes direct to your door. Inspired by all four corners of Italy, there are over 20 artisanal recipes available to choose from every week. Each dish comes together in five minutes or less with every box containing fresh silky pasta, sumptuous artisanal sauces and a luxury garnish.


We started roasting beans in the basement of our first restaurant back in 2010. Since then, we’ve served a lot of coffees, and like to think we know what makes a good cup. Sourced ethically from sustainable producers, roasted and blended into easy, approachable coffees, perfect for enjoying anytime.

Pip & Nut
Crosstown all products

FIX8 is a range of award-winning kombucha drinks. Founded by Freya Twigden after she discovered the magic of fermentation and kombucha whilst living in Shanghai. After becoming fixated on the taste and health benefits of kombucha, she launched the first FIX8 brewery in South London, in 2018. FIX8 is slow-brewed, naturally fermented, with added science-backed probiotics for targeted release in the gut. Find FIX8 in infinitely recyclable cans, in 3 delicious flavors available – to keep your tastebuds and tummy happy.


We are chefs who grew up in Italy. The master gelatieri of Sicily taught us the importance of real ingredients and traditional slow churning techniques. But it was the London food scene that fine-tuned our flavours.

Hackney Gelato was served in restaurants long before it was sold in shops. Every recipe we made was a unique collaboration with a top chef. Chefs are precise and demanding. Working with them year after year honed our craft and elevated our flavours.

Our finest creations are now sold in shops and restaurants across the land. We make everything in small batches in our East London kitchen and we’ve won 46 Great Taste stars in five years.

Pip & Nut
Crosstown all products

Inspired by a year spent in Argentina where our founder Stu met the family we still source our peanuts from to this day; ManiLife’s aim is to make the most delicious products on the planet, work with people we love and bring joy to the masses in the process. Right now, that looks like a range of mouth watering small batch nut butters & snacks, topped off with a showstopping cookbook…. but, we’re seeing where the world takes us!


Rhythm 108 was founded to inspire big changes through small treats – by championing taste, quality and innovation, whilst pioneering sustainability and ethics. From their bakery in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, their world-class Pâtissiers and Chocolatiers create delicious vegan products, made with organic, gluten-free and 100% natural ingredients. All made slowly and by hand, using Swiss tradition and modern nutritional wisdom; resulting in chocolate, biscuits and cookies that are not only better for you and taste great, but are better for our planet.

Pip & Nut


Entries can only be submitted before the 11th March 2024. Participants may only enter once and the winner will be confirmed via email. The competition can only be won by members of the general public and will be chosen at random on 12th March. No employee of any of the participating brands can win the competition. The prize entitles the winner to a years supply of Crosstown doughnuts (six-pack of doughnuts, sent once a month for twelve months) , a year’s worth of Caravan Coffee Daily Blend, two months worth of allplants meals, four cases of fix8 kombucha, six months worth of Pasta Evangelist Recipe Kits, a year’s supply of Hackney Gelato worth £120, a bundle of Manilife products worth £100 and a bundle of Rhythm 108 goodies worth £130. We will be emailing all entrants once the competition has come to a close with special offers.