Christmas Doughnuts & Cookie Selection Box

Christmas Doughnuts & Cookie Selection Box



This box is no longer on the Crosstown line-up, please see our menu for the full list of flavours.

Celebrate the festive season with a selection of festive doughnut flavours and artisan Christmas cookies.

Six Pack: £29.95
Twelve Pack: £58.45


A selection of handcrafted festive doughnuts and cookies, flavours include:

Cinnamon & Cranberry - Enjoy the perfect blend of sweet and tart with our chocolate chip and cranberry dough, infused with a touch of cinnamon for a cosy twist. Generously drizzled with a cinnamon icing, complete with a cranberry and freeze-dried raspberry.

Ginger, Blackberry & Pear doughnut (ve) - Our vegan sourdough is covered in a pear and ginger glaze, filled with a refreshing blackberry, pear and ginger compote, topped with a pear puree, then finished with a vanilla and candied ginger crumble.

Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut doughnut - A homemade gianduja ganache layered between chocolate cake dough, topped with an indulgent chocolate glaze, a sprinkling of hazelnut nibs, and a dusting of gold shimmer.

Pecan Caramel - Silky Tongan vanilla custard is piped into our black cocoa dough, topped with a vanilla glaze, finished with caramelised pecans and vanilla crumble.

Mont Blanc (ve) - Inspired by nineteenth-century Paris dessert Mont Blanc. Our signature vegan dough is filled with a warm chestnut custard, generously coated with a cream cheese and chestnut glaze, then finished with a showstopping vegan meringue.


This box is no longer on the Crosstown line-up, please see our menu for the full list of flavours.

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Allergen Info

Unfortunately, we are unable to make flavour changes to our boxes. However, please let us know of any allergies in the order notes at checkout.

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