This was a seasonal gift box, which is no longer available. Head to the menu to view our current selection.

A selection of either six festive doughnuts plus a pint of limited edition Christmas ice cream, with a vegan option available.

Add the limited edition Christmas box sleeve and ribbon to your basket when selecting your festive box.

With one pint: £29.95

Doughnut Flavours

Doughnut Flavours include:

Pecan Chocolate Cake: An indulgent chocolate cake base, piped with rich pecan chocolate filling and dipped in dark chocolate and toasted pecan nuts. Finished with silvery ribbons. 

Cointreau Custard with Mulled Wine Glaze (ve): Our black cocoa sourdough encases an indulgent oat milk Cointreau liqueur custard. Each doughnut is hand dipped in a mulled wine glaze before being finished with candied orange peel and a sprinkling of gold dust.

Spiced Apple with Miso Caramel (ve): Our award-winning vegan sourdough, filled with spiced apple miso compote, topped with miso caramel glaze, then finished with vanilla crumble and a sweet snowy dusting.

Ice Cream Flavours

Ice Cream flavours include:

Bailey’s: A devilish indulgence of Irish whiskey cream, churned through British Guernsey milk. The ideal accompaniment to a winter pudding or spooned straight from the tub.

Gingerbread: Chunks of gingerbread biscuit have been churned through a spiced Guernsey milk ice cream to create an indulgent and nostalgic gelato, perfect for the winter months.

Chocolate & Orange (ve): Dark chocolate sorbet, laced with Seville orange zest for a classic festive combo. This ice cream is crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients.


This box is currently unavailable on the Crosstown line-up.

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