Craft Beer GIFT BOX


This box includes the option between six doughnuts or cookies, and the choice between our original six craft beer box (featuring Mondo Brewing Company and Forest Road Brewing Co), or US craft beer box (featuring Anchor Brewing, Flying Dog, and Sierra Nevada).

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Original Craft Beer Box:

Mondo Brewing Company:

Dennis Hopp’r (5.3%)  – Mondo’s much loved and long-established Flagship IPA. Drawing on the West Coast style, Dennis Hopp’r has a moderate but balanced bitterness and crisp mouthfeel. Citra, Vic Secret and Ekuanot hops combine to produce a tropical flavour with notes of citrus.

Road Soda (4.8%) – Road Soda is an example of a more modern style of beer. True to the New England style our Road Soda is very, very low in bitterness and bursting with hop character and aroma. It is a full-bodied Pale with a soft and silky mouthfeel.

Forest Road Brewing Co:

Work (5.4%) – Forest Road’s brew that launched the company. Bridging the gap between traditional British Ales with rich malt flavour that marries perfectly with a resinous, piney aroma with overtones of orange blossom.

Posh (4.1%) – Lager as everyone knows it. The flavour profile is uncluttered and unpretentious, with a dry body but malt driven.

US Craft Beer Box:

California Lager by Anchor Brewing (4.9%) – Made in San Francisco with a two-row Californian barley, Anchor’s California Lager has a distinctive aroma, creamy head and a well-balanced depth of flavour delivering a delicious celebration of California’s unique craft brewing heritage.

Thunderpeel by Flying Dog (6.2%) – Thunderpeel is a unique take on the New England IPA, with low bitterness and high juiciness. The brew is dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops during fermentation to produce intensely aromatic IPA.

Tropical Torpedo by Sierra Nevada (6%) – Using their one-of-a-kind Hop Torpedo, Sierra Nevada’s Tropical Torpedo delivers an intense rush of flavour with aromas of mango, papaya, and passion fruit with every sip – a tropical twist on the American IPA.

All beers are suitable for vegans.


London and Cambridge doughnut boxes include:

Classic – Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, Homemade Raspberry Jam, Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Truffle.

Favourites – Matcha Tea, Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, Chocolate & Honeycomb (ve), Vietnamese Coffee, Chocolate Truffle, and Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant Compote (ve).

Vegan – Cinnamon Scroll (ve), Dark Chocolate Truffle (ve), Chocolate & Honeycomb (ve), Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant Compote (ve), Lime & Coconut (ve), and Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze (ve).

Nut-Free (ve) – Lime & Coconut (ve), Dark Chocolate Truffle (ve), Chocolate & Honeycomb (ve), Cinnamon Scroll (ve), Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar (ve), and Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze (ve).

Nationwide doughnut boxes include:

Cake – Banana & Cherry, Matcha Tea and Chocolate & Orange.

Sourdough (ve) – Dark Chocolate Truffle, Cinnamon Scroll, and Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze.

Seasonal – Chocolate & Honeycomb (ve), Vietnamese Coffee, and Blueberry & Lemon (ve).

Doughnuts & Cookies Selection (ve) – Chocolate & Honeycomb (ve), Dark Chocolate Truffle (ve), Cinnamon Scroll (ve), and Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnuts (ve), as well as Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip (ve) and Oat & Apricot cookies (ve).

Cookie boxes include:

Original – Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip (ve), and Oat & Apricot (ve).

Vegan – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip and Oat & Apricot.


– Three Craft Beers (440ml each)

– Three Craft Beers (330ml each)

– Six-pack of Crosstown Doughnuts or

– Six-pack of Crosstown Cookies

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