This was a seasonal box which is no longer available. Head to the menu to view our current selection.

The option between six or twelve-packs of the Pumpkin box, featuring the return of the Spiced Pumpkin, alongside Crosstown vegan classic Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, a pint of Pear & Cardamom ice cream, and eighteen 35g cookies, as well as the option of adding specialty drinks.

Our nationwide offering does not include ice cream.

from £57.95


Doughnut flavours:

Spiced Pumpkin (ve) – Our award-winning vegan sourdough, enriched with roasted pumpkin and filled with festive spiced pumpkin custard. Hand-dipped in pumpkin glaze then finished with an oaty crumble, this doughnut is perfect for your Thanksgiving table or just to brighten up the cosy Autumn days.

Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze (ve) – Our melt in your mouth Crosstown sourdough in the traditional ring shape, is hand-dipped in a light and creamy Tongan vanilla bean glaze.

Ice cream flavour:

Pear & Cardamom (ve) – Velvety sorbet with the delicate and fruity flavours of pear, spiced with a warming hint of cardamom.

Cookie box flavours:

Original Box: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip (ve) and Oat & Apricot (ve).

Vegan Box: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip (ve) and Oat & Apricot (ve).

Cookie flavours:

Chocolate Chip – Crosstown’s decadent take on a cookie classic using the finest ingredients. This cookie is a blend of the creamiest milk chocolate chips that have hints of caramel & aromatic hazelnut with specially sourced dark chocolate chips. Look out for hints of cinnamon & Tongan vanilla.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip (ve) – The deep roasted peanut butter gives a rich cookie dough, complimenting the specially sourced dark chocolate chips. Each cookie is handcrafted and baked to golden perfection.

Oat & Apricot (ve) – With a crunchy outer layer and soft centre, this cookie has been packed full of wholesome oats, sweet dried apricot pieces and bitter dark chocolate chips.

Please note cookie box flavours are due to change on the 15th November.




This box is currently unavailable on the Crosstown line-up.

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