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Putting a festive flavour on our luxury dessert & hot drink catering options for your event or party




As the festive season approaches, we’re thrilled to present to you our luxurious Christmas-themed collection, special themed packages we’ve collated to make  your celebrations memorable.

Our special Christmas Doughnut Flavours are sure to be the star of any event: 

Mont Blanc (ve)
A harmonious blend of the earthy richness of a rich chestnut custard combined with slight tangy undertones of our chestnut and cream cheese glaze. All brought together by a soft and fluffy spiced vegan dough. The chestnut custard provides a subtle sweetness, beautifully complemented by the addition of a light and airy vegan meringue, which adds a touch of sugary delight. The combined aroma of spiced dough and the nutty aroma of chestnuts, creating a fragrance that is both comforting and festive, making this doughnut a true embodiment of the nineteenth-century Paris dessert elegance which inspired it.

Spiced Date & Earl Grey
Our cardamom and allspice-infused dough, is filled with a sweet & creamy date and cinnamon custard. Aromatic notes of Earl Grey, combined with the sweetness of white chocolate add a smooth, luxurious topping combined with the delightful crunch of almond shards, for additional texture. The enticing cardamom and allspice, complemented by the comforting aroma cinnamon and the delicate notes of Earl Grey tea, makes this doughnut a perfect blend of warmth in every bite.

Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut
For the discerning chocolate lover, our Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut doughnut offers a rich and velvety gianduja ganache layered between a dense yet moist chocolate cake dough. The indulgent chocolate glaze, combined with the nutty undertone of hazelnut nibs and a dusting of gold shimmer, deliver a luxurious rich chocolatey experience. The intoxicating cocoa scent, complemented by the warm and nutty fragrance of hazelnuts, elevates this doughnut to a realm of pure decadence.

Ginger, Blackberry & Pear (ve)
Our signature vegan sourdough is generously covered in a pear and ginger glaze. The spiciness of ginger, balanced by the sweetness of pear and the tartness of blackberry, creates a taste sensation that’s both refreshing and invigorating. A juicy blackberry, pear, and ginger compote, contrasts with the smooth pear puree and the crunchy candied ginger crumble. The scent of fresh pear intertwined with the spicy aroma of ginger and the fruity note of blackberry makes this doughnut a fresh and invigorating choice.


Speciality Drinks & Ice Creams

Our speciality drinks, ranging from aromatic coffees to decadent hot chocolates, are adorned with festive garnishes like marshmallows, candy canes, and mini gingerbread men. Warm and Festive they make the perfect companions for our doughnuts or served on their own. And for both warm and slightly chillier winter’s days, our ice creams, playfully decorated with gingerbread men, cherries, and pretzels resembling reindeer horns, offer a delightful contrast of cold sweetness against the warmth of our beverages.

This Christmas (which you may or may not book in October), let our luxurious collection be the centrepiece of your celebrations. With a range that caters to every palate, from the traditional to the adventurous, we promise an experience that’s not just about indulgence, but also about creating memories.

Christmas Tiered Doughnut Stand | Christmas Events
Christmas Candy Cane Coffee

“A hard act to follow, totally divine, these are the best doughnuts by a mile and super friendly, efficient staff too.”

“Our guests love Crosstown, they are always so helpful, great to work with and are such a hit with everyone.”

“The team provided an exceptional service and were on hand throughout the planning stages too.”

   Ready for your event

Our expert team is ready to design show-stopping festive dessert options for your special event. Whether it’s a large corporate gathering or a smaller, exclusive affair, we offer luxury Christmas doughnut towers that can be tailored to fit your style to premium doughnuts, custom mini dough bites, barista quality speciality drinks and artisanal ice creams. For that extra special touch, consider our full-service setup, complete with your own branding and a polished display.

   Leave the hard work to us

Once you’ve picked your theme and treats, you can leave the rest to us. Our reliable delivery team will set up your event anywhere in the UK, letting you focus on what’s really important: your guests.

   Trusted by the best

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great names in the industry, and we can’t wait to add you to our list of satisfied clients. While our past events show our commitment to quality, we invite you to experience it for yourself.


 All our treats and drinks are made from top-quality ingredients that we source both locally and from around the world. Our goal is to delight your senses at every event, all year round.


“My experience with Crosstown was fantastic. I needed a large amount of doughnuts in a short amount of time. Crosstown were friendly and happy to help and got the amazingly tasty, fresh doughnuts to me before my work opened so I could distribute them among the floors.  It worked out perfectly. I would definitely use them again if I needed doughnuts.”

– Jackie, White & Case LLP

Hassle Free

You’re looking to make your festive event stand out, and we’re the experts who can make that happen. We keep it simple so you can focus on enjoying the occasion.


Every treat we offer is freshly made each day in our London bakery. From the jams and fillings to the glazes and toppings, it’s all crafted from scratch. Then we deliver these gourmet delights straight to your event, setting up everything for you.

Solution Based

Whether your event is big or small, our seasoned support team personally handles every inquiry to ensure your needs are met. Experience the luxury, quality, and convenience we bring to every festive event.

Crosstown Christmas Themed Events & Catering

Skip the Christmas cake and make your holiday event special with Crosstown’s tailored Doughnut Selections. We mix traditional Christmas flavours with new, exciting tastes, all made to the highest quality. With our seasonal options, every bite will be a holiday treat. At Crosstown, we’re not just about doughnuts; we’re about making your Christmas event truly memorable. Choose Crosstown for a festive celebration everyone will love.