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Our luxury chocolate is available online, delivered direct to your door.
Same-day delivery, Next-day delivery and collection from selected stores available*

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Crosstown also craft extraordinary chocolate bars in five unique flavours that tantalize the taste buds. Our unique range includes the rich Coffee, created in partnership with Caravan Coffee Roasters, the nutty and caramel-infused Almond Brittle, our smooth and creamy signature 35% Milk Chocolate, the zesty and fruity Yuzu Passion Fruit, and the indulgent 72% Dark Chocolate. Each bar is created with the finest ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled taste experience that will leave a lasting impression.

For those seeking the perfect gift for friends, colleagues, or a loved one, our specially curated gift sets showcase our exceptional chocolate bars. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged, these gift sets make a memorable present for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or simply as a token of appreciation. We offer home delivery for our luxurious chocolate bars and gift sets. You can rest assured that your order will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be savoured or presented as a thoughtful gift.

designing our chocolate

At Crosstown, our creative vision for our luxury chocolates is centred around crafting truly unforgettable taste experiences by exploring innovative flavour profiles and delicous combinations. Drawing inspiration from our range of award-winning doughnuts, we carefully select the finest ingredients, such as the rich and nostalgic notes of espresso or the zesty tang of yuzu, and meticulously balance them within our luxurious chocolates.

Each bar has been crafted to satisfy your tastebuds, and create a truly moreish eating experience. Look out for the satisfying crunch of the almond brittle and smooth silky texture of our milk chocolate. By thoughtfully considering the interplay between taste, smell, and texture in each chocolate creation, Crosstown strives to provide a multisensory journey that will not only satisfy chocolate cravings but also evoke a sense of wonder and delight in every bite.

making our chocolate

Our chocolate making process begins, as so many others do, with the selection of the finest cocoa beans, ethically sourced from around the world, to form the foundation of our rich, indulgent chocolates. The beans are then expertly roasted, releasing an irresistible chocolatey aroma.
During the refining process, our chocolatiers transform the cocoa beans into a smooth paste, continuously grinding and mixing the chocolate resulting in a silky, velvety texture. 

As the chocolate-making process unfolds, we carefully infuse our chosen flavours, such as the bold notes of espresso or the bright tang of yuzu, into the chocolate. The final stage of tempering ensures a glossy finish and a satisfying snap, ensuring your first impressions of Crosstown’s luxury chocolate bars are as good as your last.

chocolate Delivery Time


At Crosstown, we understand that delivering our luxurious chocolate creations in perfect condition is essential, whether you’re treating yourself or sending a thoughtful gift to someone special. When ordering online, we offer the opportunity to customize the gifting experience, allowing you to select from our stunning draw gift box or our bold yet elegant matte black belly band to enhance the presentation of your chosen chocolates.

Our chocolates are available to pick up in-store or for customers who choose home delivery, our chocolates are sent through our delivery partners, expertly packaged to maintain their premium quality, taste, and appearance, arriving elegantly presented on your doorstep. No matter the delivery method, our dedication to luxury and excellence ensures that every Crosstown chocolate order delights and impresses from the moment it’s received.


What are the delivery options for Crosstown chocolates?

We offer two convenient delivery options: in-store pickup and home delivery through the post, ensuring your luxurious chocolates arrive in perfect condition directly to your doorstep.

How long does delivery take for my Crosstown chocolate order?

Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the chosen delivery method however we do offer same day and next day delivery in selected locations.
Depending on current stock you may also be able to pick up some chocolate immediately in your local Crosstown store. 

Can I customize my chocolate gift when ordering online?

Absolutely! When ordering online, you have the freedom to select the flavors you’d like to include in your gift, and then choose between our elegant draw gift box or the bold and sophisticated black belly band to beautifully showcase your chosen chocolates. This personalized gifting experience ensures your Crosstown chocolate selection is as unique and special as the person receiving it.

Can I schedule a delivery date for my Crosstown chocolate gift?

When placing your order online, you have the option to select a preferred delivery date. Please note that available delivery times may vary according to demand, so it is best to order in advance where possible to allow for adequate shipping time to ensure the chocolates arrive as desired.

Will the delivery process affect the quality of my Crosstown chocolates?

At Crosstown, we take great care in packaging and delivering our chocolates to maintain their premium quality throughout the delivery process. However, if you find that the quality of your chocolates has been compromised upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are committed to addressing any concerns and working with you to find an appropriate solution to ensure your satisfaction.