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Celebrate their forever bond with Crosstown’s Engagement Doughnuts,
The perfect way to say ‘Put a ring doughnut on it too!'”


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ENGAGEMENT Doughnuts (ve)


At Crosstown, we believe that every significant occasion deserves a touch of elegance, and what better way to celebrate love than with our Dark Chocolate Truffle Doughnut (ve) and Handmade Raspberry Jam Doughnut (ve). Both of these stars from our classic range have been handpicked to feature in our vegan ‘Engagement’ box, not just for their irresistible flavours, but also for the luxurious experience they offer with each bite.

The Dark Chocolate Truffle Doughnut (ve) is a symbol of our commitment to indulgence. Made with our signature vegan sourdough, this doughnut is topped with a rich, velvety dark chocolate ganache. Inside, you’ll find a filling of dark chocolate truffle, smooth and intensely flavoured. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream, a perfect treat to enjoy during those cherished moments together, offering a brief, sweet escape from the excitement of wedding planning.

Then there’s our Handmade Raspberry Jam Doughnut (ve). Using the same vegan sourdough as a base, it’s adorned with a vanilla glaze and sprinkled with tangy freeze-dried raspberries. The heart of the doughnut holds a filling of fresh raspberry jam, made from scratch in our bakery. This doughnut is a celebration of timeless flavours, a romantic treat that’s perfect for those special evenings or surprise engagements.

Our Engagement Doughnuts are more than just a gift, they’re a loving and indulgent treat, perfect for couples embarking on the beautiful journey of life together.


Toast to their big news with our exclusive “They Said Yes” Doughnuts! Showcasing our beloved chocolate truffle and raspberry jam doughnuts, but this time, they’re adorned with a joyful, edible “They Said Yes” topper. It’s a scrumptious way to say “Congrats on the rock!” or “Here’s to the happy couple!” The box is, of course, meant for sharing – but let’s be honest not with you. Buy it for every single one of your engaged friends, one of them might share.

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Engagement Food Gift Box | Engagement Doughnut Box | Gifts | Crosstown
Engagement Doughnut Box | Gifts | Crosstown

NEW Limited Edition Flavour Boxes


Our Favourites Collection. A delightful gift that showcases our best-selling doughnuts.

  • Vanilla Custard: Our soft signature sourdough encases a smooth creamy vanilla custard filling. Topped with an indulgent vanilla glaze and liberally sprinkled an aromatic vanilla crumble for added crunch.
  • Sea Salt Caramel & Banana Cream:  Sweet, silky, fresh banana custard filling encased in a light and fluffy chocolate sourdough. Topped with a generous swirl of sea salt caramel and a home made chocolate soil.


Introducing our Seasonal Collection, featuring the pick of our ever-changing menu.

  • Matcha & Strawberry (ve): Tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberry compote fills our vegan sourdough base, topped with a matcha and green tea glaze, then covered with a sprinkling of strawberry crumble.
  • Banana & Strawberry Smoothie: Homemade banana cake dough with a white chocolate and strawberry ganache, hand-dripped in banana glaze, topped with freeze dried banana and strawberry pieces.

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Add a personal touch to any of our doughnut boxes

Our ‘Engagement’ selection is not just about our delicious doughnuts, it’s also about the presentation. Each box comes with an elegant ‘Congratulations’ gift sleeve, adding an extra touch of romance to your gift. This beautifully designed sleeve is a testament to our attention to detail, ensuring that your gift is not just a treat for the taste buds, but also a feast for the eyes. It’s our way of helping you share the joy of love, making your gift a memorable part of the celebration.

But doughnut preferences are often as unique as the love story itself, and we understand that. If your recipient has a different favourite from our range, you can choose any of our other luxury doughnut boxes listed on our website. Whether they’re a fan of our classic flavours or have a penchant for our seasonal specials, you can pick the perfect box for them. And to make it just as special, you can add the ‘Congratulations’ sleeve at checkout. It’s our way of ensuring that every box of Crosstown doughnuts can be a part of your special moment, tailored to your tastes and preferences. 



Congratulations celebration sleeve | Gifting | Crosstown 1

Congratulations Sleeve | £3.95



Celebrating an engagement is a joyous occasion filled with personal touches. At Crosstown, we’re here to help you celebrate with our Congratulations sleeves, ensuring that your token of recognition is perfectly tailored for the happy couple. With the option to customize any of our Doughnut boxes with a Congratulations sleeve, these doughnut gift boxes can mirror the unique personality of the recipient.

Our selection of doughnuts is as diverse as it is delicious. From classic flavours that have stood the test of time to innovative creations that push the boundaries, we have something for everyone. We work with the freshest ingredients and change our flavours seasonally to ensure that every bite is of the highest quality. So, whether you’re looking for the comforting familiarity of a classic doughnut or the exciting novelty of a seasonal creation, we invite you to explore our selection and find the perfect match.

For instance, if you’re celebrating an engagement in a couple of food explorers, always eager to try new flavours, our ‘Favourites Selection’ could be the perfect gift. This selection includes unique flavours like the Banana & Chocolate doughnut, filled with creamy banana custard and coated in chocolate ganache, or the Pink Guava & Strawberry doughnut, crafted with vegan sourdough and adorned with strawberry glaze. And let’s not forget the Yuzu Margarita & Lime doughnut, a citrusy treat with a margarita-inspired custard. These flavours offer a culinary adventure that’s as exciting as their new journey into love and commitment.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gift for a couple who appreciate the classics, our ‘Classic Doughnut Selection’ could be the perfect fit. This selection includes timeless favourites like the Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnut, a vegan delight, or the Homemade Raspberry Jam doughnut, filled with fresh raspberry jam. Or the Chocolate Truffle doughnut, a rich combination of milk and dark chocolate. These selections offer a comforting treat that’s perfect for those quiet moments in between the beautiful excitement of love and planning.

In the end, it’s all about making your gift personal and meaningful. With Crosstown, you have the flexibility to choose a box that perfectly suits the recipient, and the option to add that special ‘Congratulations’ sleeve, making your gift a memorable part of their special occasion.

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The perfect way to bring attention to your brand! Press drops, product launches, client gifting & staff incentives. With a range of customisation options this is a premium gift that really gets people talking.


Can I customize the Engagement Doughnut Box with specific flavours?

Unfortunately not at the moment but, you can choose from our Favourite, Classics, or Vegan selections. Simply select the desired flavors when placing your order.

Is there a vegan option available for the Engagement Doughnut Box?

Absolutely! We offer a completely Vegan Selection and our Seasonal Selection currently includes the delectable Pink Guava & Strawberry (ve) if you think they’ll want to go half and half. 

How do I add a special 'Congratulations' sleeve to my Engagement Doughnut Box?

Our set Engagement Doughnut Boxes all come with a ‘Congratulations’ sleeve however, you also have the option to add a special ‘Congratulations’ sleeve to any of our Doughnut box, making your gift a memorable part of the special occasion. Simply add when adding the product to your basket.

Can I order the Engagement Doughnut Box for same-day delivery?

Our Engagement Doughnut Boxes are currently only available for Next-day delivery or collection. Please check our delivery options or contact our customer service for more information.


Celebrate the blissful union of love with Crosstown’s exceptional Engagement Doughnut Boxes. Our handmade, top-quality doughnuts are more than just a delightful indulgence; they’re a symbol of the sweet journey ahead for the engaged couple. With a diverse array of flavors, including vegan options, we’ve crafted something to suit every taste. But our Engagement Doughnut Boxes are about more than just the doughnuts – they’re about honoring a beautiful commitment. Each order is carefully prepared by our team, ensuring that our Engagement Doughnut gifts reach your recipient’s doorstep in perfect condition. Our tastefully packaged Engagement Doughnut Selection adds a unique touch to your gesture of celebration, capturing the romance and excitement of the occasion. So, for an engagement gift that’s as extraordinary as the love it celebrates, consider Crosstown’s Engagement Doughnut Boxes. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of shared doughnuts!