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Join in the festive fun with our range of luxury Christmas Doughnuts.
These festive 2023 treats are available now for a limited time

Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut

A chocolate-y rich indulgence perfect for all lovers of chocolate and hazelnut.

Layers of homemade gianduja ganache sit between our special chocolate cake dough, creating a harmonious fusion of deep chocolaty goodness and nutty undertones. The topping is an extravagant glossy chocolate glaze that’s irresistibly rich, followed by a sprinkling of hazelnut nibs adding additional crumbly texture. And for that final touch of elegance, we add a light dusting of gold shimmer—making each doughnut a festive treasure.

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Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut | Christmas | Doughnuts | Crosstown
Ginger, Blackberry & Pear (ve) | Christmas | Doughnuts | Crosstown

Ginger, Blackberry & Pear (Vegan)


A fruity festive favourite with an invigorating vibrant ginger kick.

Our signature vegan sourdough base is glossed with a zingy pear and ginger glaze, setting the stage for an invigorating blackberry, pear, and ginger compote filling. The compote offers a tangy fruitiness, punctuated by bursts of spice from the ginger. It’s all topped with a luscious, smooth & sweet pear purée and then crowned with an aromatic vanilla and candied ginger crumble.

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Mont Blanc (ve)

Experience the rich charm of our vegan Mont Blanc doughnut, a tribute to classic French patisserie.

Experience a French culinary masterpiece reimagined as one of Crosstown’s luxurious doughnuts. Our signature spiced vegan sourdough serves as the canvas for a truly luxurious smooth chestnut custard filling. It’s rich and creamy, providing a comforting sense of warmth with every bite. The doughnut is then lavishly coated in a cream cheese and chestnut glaze, balancing sweet and nutty notes to perfection. The finishing touch is a light vegan meringue providing a delicate contrast to the rich, creamy layers beneath.

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Mont Blanc (ve) | Christmas | Doughnuts | Crosstown
Spice Date & Earl Grey - Christmas Doughnut

Spiced Date & Earl Grey


Winter warmth in an elegant dough bite filled with sophisticated flavours.

Embrace winter’s quintessential comfort with this unique blend of cardamom and allspice-infused sourdough. The soft spiced sourdough adds a gentle touch of aromatic complexity surrounding a date and cinnamon custard with its warmth and rich, fruity sweetness. A glaze of Earl Grey tea and white chocolate adds an elegant finish, and its creamy sweetness complements the robust flavours of the dough and filling. Each dough bite is adorned with almond shards, for a crunch that perfectly complements the softer textures.

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Cinnamon & Cranberry

A quintessential sweet and tart treat for the festive season.

Our cookie dough, dotted with chocolate chips and cranberries, is spiced with a touch of cinnamon for a cosy holiday feeling. The soft & crumbly dough has with bursts of tart cranberry and sweet chocolate chips in each bite. A generous drizzle of cinnamon icing enhances the cookie’s sweetness, with a flourish of cranberry and freeze-dried raspberries topping the cookie to add a layer of tart fruitiness.

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Cinnamon & Cranberry Christmas Cookie


carefully crafted with your favourite festive flavours

Christmas six-pack VOL 1

Indulge in a festive blend of warm rum, rich chocolate, and vibrant fruit. Contains 2 each of Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear doughnuts.

Christmas twelve-pack VOL 1

Twelve doughnuts, double the delight.
Contains 4 each of Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear doughnuts

Merry Christmas six-pack

Chocolaty hazelnut meets zesty fruit. Contains 3 each of Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear with topper doughnuts. A holiday duo that’s as cheerful as it is luxurious.

Merry Christmas twelve-pack

A dozen festive doughnuts, all dressed up. Contains 6 each of Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear with topper doughnuts. Luxury meets merriment in this holiday essential.

Festive Tiered Stand

A grand showcase of our holiday collection. Contains x2 Cinnamon Scroll (ve),x2 Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, x2 Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear (ve), x2 Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, x2 Raspberry Jam w white topper (ve), x2 Raspberry Jam w black topper (ve), 5 x Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard, 5 x Dark Chocolate Truffle, 5 x Raspberry Jam w sugar coating doughnuts

Christmas Mini Doughnuts - Dough Bites 3 Pack

Christmas dough bite three-pack

A taster of holiday joy. Contains 1 of Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard and 2 of Earl Grey & Date dough bites. A perfect petite treat.

Christmas Mini Doughnuts - Dough Bites 15 Pack

Christmas Doughbite 15 Pack

Get a burst of flavour and a sprinkle of luxury with each bite. Contains 8 of Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard and 7 of Earl Grey & Date dough bites. Vanilla meets Earl Grey in this indulgent mini-collection.

Christmas six-pack VOL 2

Experience vegan delight and chocolatey richness. Contains 2 each of Mont Blanc, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear doughnuts. It’s luxury and variety in one festive box.

Christmas twelve-pack VOL 2

Discover the full spectrum of our holiday best-sellers. Contains 3 each of Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear, and Mont Blanc doughnuts. Ideal for gatherings that deserve a luxurious touch.

Vegan Christmas six-pack

Savour the pinnacle of vegan indulgence. Contains 3 each of Mont Blanc and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear doughnuts. Pure plant-based luxury.

Vegan Christmas twelve-pack

A dozen vegan delights that celebrate the holiday spirit. Contains 6 each of Mont Blanc and Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear doughnuts.

Christmas doughnut and cookie box six-pack

Delicious doughnuts and cracking Christmas cookies in one box. Contains 1 each of Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear, Mont Blanc doughnuts, and 2 of Cranberry & Cinnamon cookies. The ultimate holiday assortment for the discerning palate.

Christmas doughnut and cookie box twelve-pack

A deluxe dozen that combines the best of both worlds. Contains 2 each of Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear, Mont Blanc doughnuts, and 4 of Cranberry & Cinnamon cookies. Aromatic and spicy cookies meet creamy, fruity doughnuts.

Christmas Cookie Tube

Ten cookies loaded with festive cinnamon and cranberry. A tube full of holiday joy.

All-in Festive Box

An all-inclusive box to experience the holiday season in all its flavours. Contains 1 each of  Pecan Caramel, Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, Ginger, Blackberry, & Pear, Mont Blanc doughnuts, Cranberry & Cinnamon cookies, and 3 of Spiced Date & Earl Grey dough bites. A luxury sampling of festive favourites.


The Christmas flavours are available in-store now, with same-day collections and on-demand deliveries across London, Cambridge, and Oxford. 

Next-day deliveries are available across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland, with the exception of ice cream.


Crosstown prides itself on utilising the best quality ingredients whilst making everything in house – whether a jam, compote, glaze, filling or topping.

In our vegan doughnuts, we have replaced eggs and dairy with a range of plant-based alternative ingredients to achieve the same tastes and textures we enjoy in our vegetarian doughnuts.

We use chia seeds and coconut butter in our dough, and a varying combination of oat milk, coconut butter, dairy-free dark chocolate and silken tofu to make the fillings and glazes.


Read our full allergen information here.


Our bakery processes try to ensure there are no cross-contamination between the vegan and original sourdough doughnuts. Whilst they are still made in the same bakery, all equipment and surfaces are sterilised before the vegan doughnuts are made and then fried in separate oil.

We produce all of our doughnuts in a bakery which we own and operate. This bakery uses peanuts and other nuts in some of our products. We have controls within our bakery that separate nuts and peanuts from other ingredients, and limit the ability for contamination. However, given we hand make an unsealed product, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with peanuts or nuts.


What Exquisite Flavours Can I Find in Crosstown's Christmas Doughnut Collection?

This festive season, Crosstown’s Christmas doughnut collection boasts an array of exquisite flavours. Savour the Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut, a chocolate lover’s dream with layers of homemade gianduja ganache nestled in chocolate cake dough, topped with a glossy chocolate glaze and hazelnut nibs, finished with a touch of gold shimmer. For a fruity twist, try the Ginger, Blackberry & Pear (Vegan) doughnut, featuring a vegan sourdough base, pear and ginger glaze, and a blackberry, pear, and ginger compote, crowned with pear purée and vanilla-candied ginger crumble. Indulge in the Mont Blanc (Vegan), a luxurious doughnut filled with smooth chestnut custard, coated in a cream cheese and chestnut glaze, and topped with vegan meringue. Lastly, the Spiced Date & Earl Grey Christmas Dough Bite offers a winter warmth experience, with cardamom and allspice-infused sourdough, date and cinnamon custard, Earl Grey and white chocolate glaze, adorned with almond shards. Each flavour is a festive masterpiece, combining traditional and innovative elements for a truly memorable holiday treat.

Tell Me More About The Decorations on Crosstown's Christmas Doughnuts?
The toppings on Crosstown’s Christmas doughnuts are a showcase of handcrafted excellence and generosity. The Gianduja Chocolate & Hazelnut is adorned with an opulent chocolate glaze, a light dusting of gold shimmer and a liberal sprinkling of hazelnut nibs. The Ginger, Blackberry & Pear (Vegan) doughnut is embellished with a luscious, sweet pear purée and a sprinkle of vanilla and candied ginger crumble. The Mont Blanc (Vegan) doughnut is crowned with a sumptuous cream cheese and chestnut glaze and showstoppingly delicate vegan meringue, while the Spiced Date & Earl Grey Christmas Dough Bite is elegantly finished with a creamy Earl Grey and white chocolate glaze, complemented by crunchy almond shards. These generous and meticulously crafted toppings not only look amazing but also enrich the overall texture & flavour profile, making each doughnut a festive and indulgent experience.
Can I Order Christmas Doughnuts from Crosstown for a Holiday Event?

Absolutely! We’d be delighted to cater to your festive needs, with our range of Christmas doughnuts perfect for any event, big or small. Whether you’re planning an intimate family gathering or a grand office party, our selection is sure to add a special touch to your celebration. Ordering is a breeze through our user-friendly website, designed to accommodate orders of all sizes with ease.

We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why we offer same-day delivery directly from our stores for those last-minute needs. For a broader reach, we provide next-day delivery across several major cities including London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, and Brighton, ensuring your festive treats arrive fresh and ready to delight. And for those located further afield, we haven’t forgotten you – enjoy our 2-day delivery service available across the country. With Crosstown, you can rest assured that your Christmas doughnuts will arrive on time and in perfect condition, ready to bring joy and indulgence to your holiday event.

Why Should I Try Crosstown's Christmas Doughnuts During This Limited-Time Seasonal Offering?

Crosstown’s Christmas doughnuts represent a unique, limited-time experience, primarily due to our ever-changing seasonal menu that celebrates the best of local produce and global influences. Our commitment to freshness and innovation means we constantly evolve our offerings, ensuring each doughnut is a reflection of the season’s finest ingredients and culinary trends. This festive season, our doughnuts are not just treats, but culinary adventures, blending traditional flavours with unexpected global twists.

The current doughnut selection, made from our signature sourdough invented here in the UK, is a testament to our dedication to handcrafted luxury. These artisanal creations, available only for a short time, are a must-try for their unique blend of textures and flavours. The combination of our innovative sourdough base with lavish, hand-applied toppings creates an unrivalled gourmet experience. This limited availability makes now the perfect time to indulge in these exclusive, seasonal delights, ensuring you experience the pinnacle of Crosstown’s culinary artistry and commitment to quality this Christmas time.

Are There Any Special Offers on Crosstown's Christmas Doughnuts?

We believe that our doughnuts offer exceptional value at the prices we sell them for. These luxury treats are handmade freshly every day in our scratch bakery in Battersea, London with the finest local & seasonal ingredients, developed in house by our executive chef and her team.