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“A hard act to follow, totally divine, these are the best doughnuts by a mile and super friendly, efficient staff too.”

“Our guests love Crosstown, they are always so helpful, great to work with and are such a hit with everyone.”

“Crosstown have been consistently perfect in providing moments of delight for our staff, we are big fans!”


At Crosstown, the assortment of flavours we offer is meticulously curated to span from classic to seasonal. Whether you’re in the mood for the comforting simplicity of the Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar or the warmth and complexity of Rum & Pecan Caramel, your options are wide ranging. Furthermore, our vegan selection doesn’t compromise on taste, offering vibrant options ranging from Yuzu Margarita & Lime to Spiced Pumpkin. The range ensures that there is something for everyone, and is a testament to our commitment to flavour diversity and culinary ingenuity.


When it comes to flavour customisation, Crosstown’s versatility truly shines. If you have a unique flavour in mind, our experts can craft a doughnut tailored to your brief. Alternatively, you can build upon our established classics by combining fillings or glazes from our existing range. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and we’d be delighted to make your doughnut dreams a reality.

Customised Doughnuts - Mini Doughnuts
Valentine's Dough Bite Box | Doughnuts | Crosstown 2


At Crosstown, we take visual appeal seriously, offering doughnuts that come in a wide array glazes and toppings. There are no persevatives or additives in our products, creating naturally vibrant colour palette with our glazes and dough, whether it’s earthy tones of our  Chocolate Truffle to the more vibrant and striking hues found in our Pumpkin & Dulce De Leche doughnuts.


When it comes to customisation, Crosstown offers unparalleled flexibility. Beyond our printed edible toppers for branding or personalised messaging, we also provide the option to match colours to a specific theme. The customisation doesn’t stop there, we provide an array of toppings allowing for a tailored experience that is uniquely yours, meeting both aesthetic and flavourful specifications.


Customised Doughnuts - Mini Doughnuts
Customised Doughnuts - Mini Doughnuts



Whether it’s a personal party, a wedding, or a corporate event, branding our equipment allows for a personalised touch, making the occasion all the more memorable. For personal and family events, a unique motif or emblem can transform our coffee carts into a personalised station. For weddings, incorporating the couple’s initials adds a romantic, bespoke touch. On the corporate front, branding becomes a powerful tool for engagement and communication, turning every interaction into an opportunity to resonate with customers, while ensuring a professional, polished presentation at every turn.

We understand the impact that branding can have on people’s experience. With our preimium doughnuts and modern equipment, alongside our quality service, you’re not just providing a luxury catering experience but an immersive interaction. The versatility of our equipment’s design allows for a range of branding possibilities. The taste of a well-brewed coffee, the aroma of fresh doughnuts, the visual appeal of the setup, all can be orchestrated to ensure a lasting impression.

Coffee Cart Hire | Crosstown Coffee Cart Hire | Pandora Branding
Branded Doughnuts
Doughnut Wall - Strawberry Pandora
Coffee Cart Hire | Crosstown Coffee


At Crosstown, we wholeheartedly embrace the changing seasons, each bringing its own unique charm and a rich array of seasonal flavours. The rhythm of the year is mirrored in our diverse range of seasonal doughnuts, meticulously crafted to distil the essence of celebratory festivals like Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Diwali, and Christmas, among others. Our offerings are tribute to both the tradition and the fresh innovation each season inspires, designed to reflect the unique spirit and flavour of these occasions. We take pride in sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients, ensuring that the taste of freshness and quality shines through in every bite.

For the Lunar New Year, we introduced the Pandan doughnut, such as the Pandan Lamington which boasted a blend of pandan and white chocolate ganache layered between two pandan infused cake dough, adorned with a vibrant pandan icing and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut. Valentine’s Day saw the arrival of romantic flavours like Rose & Lychee, a delicate combination of lychee compote and rose glaze on our award-winning vegan sourdough, hand-finished with crystallised rose petals.

As the spooky season of Halloween descended, our range transformed to offer the hauntingly decadent Dark Choco-Bat Truffle doughnut, enveloped in a smooth dark chocolate ganache with a spooky bat decoration, and the Bewitching Berry doughnut, a blend of dark cocoa sourdough, homemade raspberry jam, and a glossy dark berry and vanilla glaze, adorned with a ghoulish decoration.

Christmas as a time of comforting indulgence, previously featured doughnuts like the Panettone Custard & English Sparkling Rosé, Black Forest Cake and Winter Fruit Crumble (ve) mirroring the nostalgic essence of the season.

At Crosstown, the journey of flavour exploration never ceases. We continually switch up our offerings, experimenting with new, exciting flavours to stay on the cutting edge of flavour innovation. Our seasonal doughnuts are not just a treat to the palate but a celebration of the year’s beautiful festivities. So, when you plan your next event or party and are looking for a distinctly seasonal take talk to us; there’s always something special and indulgent waiting for you at Crosstown.


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Our doughnuts are hand made fresh every day, with all jams, fillings, glazes and toppings made at our London bakery.
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