Celebrate Hanukkah with a box of six or twelve Home Made Raspberry Jam doughnuts,
available December 2024

Homemade Raspberry Jam (ve)
Hanukkah Doughnut

A classic Sufganiyah inspired treat, perfect for almost any occasion.

Staring our signature yeast-raised vegan sourdough, the Homemade Raspberry Jam Doughnut is a joyous fusion of sweet and tart flavours. Its heart holds a rich, homemade raspberry jam, bursting with fresh, fruity notes. The doughnut when fired is lightly rolled in fine caster sugar, adding a sweet, delicate crunch. For a final flourish, a sprinkle of vibrant freeze-dried raspberries is added to each piece, enhancing the jam’s natural flavour while adding a delightful textural contrast.

Coming Soon – December 2024
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Hanukkah - Homemade Raspberry Jam Doughnut
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Hanukkah Celebration packs (VE)
Hanukkah Doughnut

Celebrate Hanukkah with a touch of Crosstown luxury with our packs of vegan Homemade Raspberry Jam Doughnuts. Available in sets of 6 or 12, these doughnuts are perfect for sharing the joy and warmth of the festival. Each doughnut, brimming with our fruity signature homemade raspberry jam. Encased in our soft vegan sourdough, rolled in fine caster sugar and adorned with a dusting of freeze-dried raspberries. These packs are specially curated to add sparkle to your Hanukkah gatherings, turning moments into cherished memories.

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Coming Soon – December 2024
Available for Delivery or Collection


What is the significance of doughnuts in Hanukkah celebrations?

Doughnuts, known as sufganiyot, are significant during Hanukkah as they are fried in oil, symbolizing the miracle of the Hanukkah oil that lasted for eight nights instead of one.

How did jelly doughnuts become a Hanukkah tradition?
Jelly doughnuts became tied to Hanukkah in the Middle Ages. The tradition specifically strengthened in Israel during the 1920s when the Israeli Labor Federation declared them the official food of Hanukkah, providing employment opportunities through their production and sale​.
What are the most popular fillings for Hanukkah doughnuts?

While traditionally filled with jelly, modern sufganiyot are also stuffed with various fillings such as cream, halvah, or chocolate ganache. Some innovative recipes even include peanut butter or Nutella.

What is the difference between sufganiyot and other doughnuts?

Sufganiyot are typically round, similar to a cross between a beignet and a jelly doughnut. Unlike other Western doughnuts, they usually don’t have a hole and are filled with sweet fillings like jelly or custard.

What Makes Crosstown's Hanukkah Doughnuts Special?

Crosstown’s Hanukkah doughnuts stand out for their unique fusion of traditional Sufganiyah inspiration and modern culinary artistry. Each Homemade Raspberry Jam Doughnut is filled with rich, homemade raspberry jam, encased in Crosstown’s signature vegan sourdough, and rolled in fine caster sugar with a topping of freeze-dried raspberries, creating a delightful blend of sweet and tart flavors. They are available in convenient six or twelve packs, perfect for sharing during Hanukkah celebrations. Additionally, these vegan-friendly doughnuts are easily accessible, with delivery across England, lowland Scotland, and Wales, making them an excellent choice for adding a touch of luxury and enjoyment to your Hanukkah festivities.