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Crosstown’s Doughnut Towers, stunning visuals meet unbeatable flavour.
Elevate your events with a signature artisan doughnut tower from Crosstown.

The CrossTOWN Doughnut Tower Moment



Crosstown's Doughnut Tower is a testament to artisan craftsmanship, each individual doughnut handcrafted with passion and care. Each tier of the tower displays a visually stunning array of our luxury doughnuts, from the deep black of our cocoa dough gleaming with chocolate ganache to the vivid luscious glaze of Tarragon & Sweet Apple, alongside our assortment of rich toppings  & crumbles (flavours may change seasonally). The aroma is unmistakable: freshly baked dough intertwined with notes from a diverse range of flavours. Dive in, and you're met with a burst of authentic flavours, each doughnut offering a unique taste profile, thanks to our dedication to sourcing the finest, seasonal ingredients. With tastes ranging from the classic to the innovative, this tower isn't just a centerpiece—it's a culinary journey.


Step aside, standard event desserts & cakes —Crosstown's Doughnut Tower is here to steal the spotlight. Crafted for those who dare to be different, this tower isn't just a treat; it's a declaration of style and taste. Every layer beckons with artisanal allure, promising a luxury treat that's as memorable as the event itself. It's not just about satisfying sweet cravings; it's about creating moments, sparking conversations, and leaving an impression. With Crosstown, you're not just hosting an event; you're curating an experience. Elevate your celebrations, with Crosstown's Doughnut Towers.

Doughnut Tower | Doughnut Tower Examples
Wedding Doughnut Cakes


from £76 180x120 up to 80

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Who needs a traditional dessert when you can have a doughnut tower?

Towers can be 3, 5 or 7 tiered meaning there is a size to suit every event!

What's included

An easy to assemble stand consisting of 3, 5 or 7 tiers. 


Each doughnut stand is available all year round and can be delivered directly to your event with just a few days' notice.


doughnuts Customisation
We can add flowers to match your event (must be provided by the host) and also put a custom topper/ornament on top of the cake. 



Every event is special, from Weddings to Birthdays, Business Launches to Retirements, and every detail should echo that sentiment. At Crosstown, we're elevating the dessert game with our custom-designed Doughnut Towers. Tailored to your vision, we've also compiled a showcase of our past triumphs, mixing doughnuts flavours to match event themes, decor & purpose, creating a visual and delicious delight; a modern, luxurious alternative to standard cakes.

 Our doughnut repertoire spans from age-old classics to modern favourites, constantly evolving to captivate and satisfy. As seasons change, so do our flavours, always fresh and of the highest calibre. For those extra special occasions, we can even craft exclusive doughnut varieties to make your event stand out.

 The examples below are but a glimpse of what's possible. Your event, your narrative, and we're here to enhance it. Intrigued by our Doughnut Towers or our unique flavours? We're just a call away. And a gentle reminder: while we craft and supply the doughnuts, any additional decorative elements comes from you.

 Tower Example 1: Cocoa Indulgence Doughnut Tower:


  • Doughnuts: Chocolate Truffle, Dark Chocolate Truffle (ve), Peanut Butter & Jelly (ve)
  • Description: This tower starts with the Peanut Butter & Jelly doughnut, providing a rich & contrasting base with our signature sourdough generously coated  in a deep roasted creamy peanut butter glaze and tangy homemade blackcurrant compote, complemented by a crunchy layer of roasted peanuts. The Chocolate Truffle introduces a deeper layer of indulgence with its rich milk chocolate filling, harmoniously contrasted by a bittersweet dark chocolate ganache glaze. The vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle, with its vegan sourdough and intense dark chocolate truffle filling, deepens the cocoa experience. Its dark chocolate ganache glaze intensifies the cocoa profile, providing a finale that is both rich and profound, ensuring this tower truly is a crescendo of chocolate delights.


Tower Example 2: Fresh Elegance Doughnut Tower


  • Doughnuts: Pistachio & Rose (ve), Coffee, Cardamom & Coconut (ve)
  • Description: The tower begins with our Pistachio & Rose doughnut, its delicate velvet pistachio and rose custard, surrounded by our light and firm signature sourdough. It is generously coated with a sweet aromatic light rose icing and contrasts harmoniously with a sprinkle of nutty crunchy pistachio crumble. Completing the tower is the Coffee, Cardamom & Coconut doughnut, our velvety soft cocoa-infused sourdough encases a luxuriously creamy coffee and cardamom custard. The cocoa’s gentle bitterness is beautifully offset by the smooth, full-bodied coffee, enhanced by an undertone of warm, aromatic cardamom. Immersed in a sweet coconut glaze for a hint of subtle sweetness, our doughnut is crowned with a lavish sprinkle of light coconut angel flakes to add a delicate crunch.


Tower Example 3: Timeless Elegance Doughnut Tower:


  • Doughnuts: Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard (Doughbite), Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, Cinnamon Scroll
  • Description: The Tongan Vanilla Bean Custard sets a luxurious tone, its signature sourdough giving way to a velvety vanilla centre that's both rich and comforting. This is further accentuated by a lavish vanilla glaze, sprinkled generously with an aromatic vanilla crumble that adds a subtle crunch. Building on this, the Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnut presents a sweet glossy finish, its vanilla glaze both delicate and refined; allowing our signature sourdough to shine through. The Cinnamon Scroll elevates the experience, its dough intricately rolled with fragrant Sri Lankan cinnamon, and crowned with a tantalising vanilla bean crumble. Its glaze, infused with Tongan Vanilla, adding a sweetness to the delicate spice that lingers. This tower is a harmonious blend of elegant classic indulgences, delicately complimentary.


Tower Example 4: Berry & Cocoa Fusion Doughnut Tower:


  • Doughnuts: Homemade Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Truffle, Dark Chocolate Truffle (ve)
  • Description: The Homemade Raspberry Jam doughnut sets a vibrant tone with its signature sourdough encasing a fresh, handmade raspberry jam  that adds a burst of flavour. Its dusting of caster sugar and additional sweet freeze-dried raspberries, adding a delightful texture and intensifying the berry aroma. The Chocolate Truffle doughnut weaves in a layer of opulence, its signature sourdough filled with a rich, creamy milk chocolate truffle that melts in the mouth, whilst elegantly draped in a bittersweet dark chocolate ganache glaze. The vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle completes the ensemble, its vegan sourdough and dark chocolate truffle filling offering a depth of cocoa richness, harmoniously enriched by its glossy dark chocolate ganache glaze. Together, these doughnuts craft a tower that seamlessly marries the tangy allure of berries with the profound depths of cocoa.


“A hard act to follow, totally divine, these are the best doughnuts by a mile and super friendly, efficient staff too.”

“Our guests love Crosstown, they are always so helpful, great to work with and are such a hit with everyone.”

“The team provided an exceptional service and were on hand throughout the planning stages too.”

   Ready for your event

Our in-house team is eager to craft the perfect centerpiece for your event. Whether you’re hosting a grand gathering or a more intimate occasion, we have a doughnut tower to fit your vision. Choose from our array of doughnuts, customizable dough bites (mini filled doughnuts), and ice cream. For an added touch, opt for a fully staffed event set-up, complete with personalized messaging and presentation.

   Leave the hard work to us

After selecting your desired flavours and personal touches, entrust the details to us. Our dedicated drivers will ensure your doughnut tower reaches any corner of the UK, allowing you to concentrate on the heart of the event – your attendees.

   Trusted by the best

We’ve collaborated with the finest, and we’re eager to include you among them. Our doughnut towers are a testament to our craft, but we invite you to experience them first-hand.


We meticulously create our acclaimed doughnuts and artisanal ice cream using top-tier ingredients, procured both locally where possible and globally. Our passion lies in blending unique and harmonious ingredients, embracing the essence of each season. Our mission: to delight your palate every single day, throughout the year.

“My experience with Crosstown was fantastic. I needed a large amount of doughnuts in a short amount of time. Crosstown were friendly and happy to help and got the amazingly tasty, fresh doughnuts to me before my work opened so I could distribute them among the floors.  It worked out perfectly. I would definitely use them again if I needed doughnuts.”

– Jackie, White & Case LLP

Hassle Free

You want a luxury doughnut tower for your event, and we’re here to craft it for you. It’s truly straightforward, and we appreciate that simplicity.


Our doughnuts are hand made fresh every day, with all jams, fillings, glazes and toppings made from scratch at our London bakery. Delivered the same day to your event, and can even be assembled into your Doughnut Tower for you.

Solution Based

Every one of our Doughnut Tower (or other event) enquiries, no matter the size, is handled by a member of our experienced support team.

Doughnut Towers

Cake, what cake? Elevate your event with Crosstown’s bespoke Doughnut Towers, a blend of craftsmanship and taste. Dive into a selection where traditional meets innovative, each doughnut showcasing our dedication to quality. With ever-changing seasonal flavours, we ensure every bite is fresh and memorable. At Crosstown, it’s more than just doughnuts; it’s about creating standout moments for your event. Choose Crosstown Doughnut Towers: Where every gathering becomes a delightful experience.