Choose Your Own DOUGHNUT Box

new ‘Build Your Own’ doughnut box
so ,whether you prefer our Cinnamon Scrolls or Rose & Pistachio doughnuts,
you can now customise an entire box to share (or eat yourself)



Crosstown are delighted to introduce the opportunity for all doughnut lovers to tailor their own doughnut selection. Now, with our customisable doughnut six and twleve-packs, you have the freedom to handpick your favourites, creating a box of doughnuts exactly to your taste. Our entire range is at your fingertips, including our limited edition doughnuts, ready to be explored and enjoyed. 

Doughnut Wall | Crosstown


Do you offer nationwide delivery for your luxury doughnuts?

Yes, we proudly offer nationwide delivery, ensuring that our delicious doughnuts can be enjoyed by customers all across the country.

Why is the date I want my choose my own box to be delivered not available?

We felt that allowing you to choose from our entire available range, including our limited edition seasonal doughnuts, to build your own box from was the right thing to do.
In order to keep our range exciting, and in keeping with our ethos of using the best local & seasonal products to create our doughnuts from where available, this means that we’ve had to disable certain dates in the future when the range you’re picking from may not be available.

How do I order my own selection of doughnuts for delivery?

Ordering your own selection of doughnuts for delivery is easy. Simply visit our shop online at select whether you’d like direct-to-door or local store pick-up and choose the date you’d like your doughnuts. 

Can I schedule a specific delivery date for my doughnut order?

Yes, you can schedule a delivery date during the checkout process. This ensures that your doughnut treats arrive exactly when you want them, making it perfect for special occasions or as a surprise gift.

Build Your Own Doughnut Box

Why limit yourself to a standard selection when you can curate your own Crosstown Doughnut Box? It’s the epitome of individual choice meeting delightful taste. Our sourdough doughnuts offer a broad array of flavours, encapsulating timeless classics and innovative creations, all honed to perfection. With the liberty to select your favourite medley of flavours, you can ensure that each doughnut is perfect for you.