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Thank You Doughnuts (VE)


There’s an undeniable allure to Crosstown’s classic doughnut selection, so we decided to create our unique Thank You Doughnuts using them. Each doughnut in this selection is a testament to our commitment to quality and a celebration of flavours.

Take for instance our Dark Chocolate Truffle Doughnut (ve), a vegan masterpiece crafted with our signature vegan sourdough. It’s a visual and culinary delight, adorned with a luxuriously rich dark chocolate ganache. But the real treat lies within – a sumptuous filling of dark chocolate truffle that melts effortlessly on the tongue, delivering a powerful cocoa sensation that’s a dream come true for any chocolate aficionado.

Then there’s our Handmade Raspberry Jam Doughnut (ve), another gem from our vegan range but you wouldn’t be able to tell. This doughnut, based on the same vegan sourdough, is crowned with a sweet vanilla glaze and sprinkled with tangy freeze-dried raspberries. The result is a delightful crunch and a burst of flavour that dances on the tongue. But the real high point is the heart of the doughnut – a homemade fresh raspberry jam filling, a testament to Crosstown’s commitment to freshness.

Our Thank You Doughnuts are more than just a gift, they’re a delicious and thoughtful way to express your gratitude.


Throw a delicious “Thank You” their way with our specially curated “Thank You” Doughnuts! Unveiling (again) our time-honoured chocolate truffle and raspberry jam doughnuts, now adorned with a heartwarming, edible “Thank You” topper. It’s a mouthwatering way to express your gratitude, saying “Thanks! You’re really something special.” With our “Thank You” Doughnuts, it’s much more likely they’ll volunteer for the same thing again in the future.

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Thank You Doughnut Box | Gifts | Crosstown
Thank You Doughnut Box | Gifts | Crosstown

NEW Limited Edition Flavour Boxes


Our Favourites Collection. A delightful gift that showcases our best-selling doughnuts.

  • Vanilla Custard: Our soft signature sourdough encases a smooth creamy vanilla custard filling. Topped with an indulgent vanilla glaze and liberally sprinkled an aromatic vanilla crumble for added crunch.
  • Sea Salt Caramel & Banana Cream:  Sweet, silky, fresh banana custard filling encased in a light and fluffy chocolate sourdough. Topped with a generous swirl of sea salt caramel and a home made chocolate soil.


Introducing our Seasonal Collection, featuring the pick of our ever-changing menu.

  • Matcha & Strawberry (ve): Tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberry compote fills our vegan sourdough base, topped with a matcha and green tea glaze, then covered with a sprinkling of strawberry crumble.
  • Banana & Strawberry Smoothie: Homemade banana cake dough with a white chocolate and strawberry ganache, hand-dripped in banana glaze, topped with freeze dried banana and strawberry pieces.

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Standard Price £29.45
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Celebrate with any of our cookie or doughnut boxes

The best gifts come in packages that reflect the thought and effort you’ve put into them. When you choose one of our Occasion Doughnut boxes, like the Thank You Doughnut Selection, your lucky recipient will not only enjoy our delicious classic doughnuts with customised message toppers but also appreciate the stylish gift sleeve that shows just how much you care.

But we understand that everyone has unique tastes. Whether they’re fans of our seasonal doughnuts, our nut-free selection, or our classic box, we’ve got them covered. Our Thank You sleeves can be added to all doughnut boxes, allowing you to make any expression of gratitude extra special. When ordering, simply select your box and add a sleeve to your cart.

Thank you celebration sleeve | Gifting | Crosstown 1

Thank You Sleeve | £3.95


Expressing gratitude should be a heartfelt gesture filled with personal touches. At Crosstown, we’re here to enhance this gesture with our Thank You sleeves, ensuring that your token of appreciation is perfectly suited for the recipient. With the option to customise any of our Doughnut boxes with a Thank You sleeve, these doughnut gift boxes become more than just a gift, they become a sweet surprise that reflects the unique personality of the recipient.

Our doughnut flavours range from the classic to the innovative, always striving to bring you new and exciting options. Our flavours may change seasonally, as we work with the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality. We invite you to explore our selection and find the perfect match for your loved one. Let’s create a thank you surprise that’s as unique and special as they are.

Perhaps you’re looking to show appreciation to your neighbour who looked after your cats while you were away. They’re always one step ahead, eager to discover the latest trends and exciting flavours. For such a person, the “Favourite Doughnut Selection” from Crosstown would be the perfect thank you gift. Picture their joy as they uncover the unique tastes of the Mississippi Mud Pie, a vegan doughnut filled with a rich and creamy chocolate custard, or the Hazelnut Praline & Mandarin Chilli, a vegan doughnut that masterfully combines the sweetness of hazelnut praline with a spicy mandarin chilli kick. This selection is a gastronomic journey, a voyage of flavours that will make their day extraordinary and demonstrate your gratitude for their forward-thinking nature.

Or perhaps you’re looking to express your thanks to a friend who picked you up after your car broke down. They find happiness in the simpler things in life and have a fondness for classic flavours. For such a person, the “Classic Doughnut Selection” from Crosstown is the ideal thank you gift. This selection includes the Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze, a vegan doughnut that delivers a subtle vanilla aroma and a sweet, creamy taste. The Homemade Raspberry Jam doughnut offers a burst of tangy sweetness, while the Cinnamon Scroll is a comforting blend of warm cinnamon and sweet dough. The Chocolate Truffle doughnut is a dream come true for chocolate lovers, rich and decadent. This selection is a reminder of life’s simple pleasures, a nostalgic journey that will add a touch of warmth to their day and show them just how much you value their timeless taste.

Lastly, for the person who helped you rake leaves last autumn, someone who appreciates the changing seasons and loves to try flavours that reflect the time of year, the “Seasonal Dough Bite Selection” from Crosstown is the perfect thank you gift. The Plum & Cinnamon vegan doughbite, for instance, is a delightful blend of sweet plum and warm cinnamon, a flavour profile that’s both unique and comforting. This selection is a celebration of the season’s best, a unique and exciting thank you gift that’s sure to impress, and great for sharing with others. It’s a way to show them that you appreciate their help throughout the year.


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    Send a WFH pick-me-up to your remote team across Greater London. Available with a range of options including our award-winning doughnuts, gift boxes and Crosstown Collective food boxes. Delivered by our own fleet of drivers, with personalised gift wrapping available.


    vegan options made fresh customisable
    The perfect way to bring attention to your brand! Press drops, product launches, client gifting & staff incentives. With a range of customisation options this is a premium gift that really gets people talking.


    What are the best Thank You Gifts from Crosstown?

    We would recommend either our special Thank You Doughnuts, complete with a topper and sleeve, or any of our luxury doughnut boxes customised with a Thank You sleeve for a unique way to convey your gratitude.

    How can I customise the Thank You Doughnut Gift?

    You can customise the Thank You Doughnut Gift by choosing from either our special Thank You Doughnuts or any of our doughnut or cookie selection boxes, such as the “Favourite Doughnut Selection”, “Classic Doughnut Selection”, or “Seasonal Dough Bite Selection”. Each can be customised with a Thank You sleeve.

    Can I choose the doughnuts in the Thank You Doughnut Gift?

    While the doughnuts in each selection are pre-determined, you can choose the selection that best suits the recipient’s tastes. Alternatively, you can choose our special Thank You Doughnuts.

    Can the Thank You Doughnut Gift be delivered?

    Yes, Crosstown offers a delivery services for all Thank You Doughnut Gifts. You can have the gift delivered straight to the recipient’s doorstep, your own, or your local Crosstown store.

    Are there vegan options for the Thank You Doughnut Gift?

    Yes, the Thank You Doughnuts selection is vegan, we also have vegan versions of the majority of our other Doughnut selections but you’d never tell just through taste. 

    Can I include a personal message with the Thank You Doughnut Gift?

    Yes, you can include a personal message with your Thank You Doughnut Gift to add a personal touch to your gift. Simply add in the checkout.

    How far in advance should I order my Thank You Doughnut Gift?

    We recommend ordering at least two days in advance to ensure that your Thank You Doughnut Gift is delivered promptly. You will be able to select your own delivery date when ordering. 

    Crosstown Thank You GIFTS

    Explore the world of thank you gifts with Crosstown’s special doughnut selections. Our handmade, top-quality doughnuts are more than just a snack, they’re a way to bring a smile to someone’s face. With a range of flavours, including vegan options, we’ve got something for everyone. But our thank you gifts are about more than just the doughnuts – they’re about making someone’s day. Each order is carefully prepared by our team, making sure our thank you doughnut selections reach your recipient’s doorstep in great condition. Our neatly packaged Thank You Doughnut Selection adds a personal touch to your gesture of gratitude. So, for a thank you gift that’s a bit different, consider Crosstown’s doughnut selections.