Spiced pumpkin doughnuts & FRIENDS

our rich and warming autumnal doughnut treats have returned for a limited time only

SPICED PUMPKIN Doughnut (ve)


Announcing the return of a second Crosstown masterpiece: the Spiced Pumpkin doughnut. An autumnal vegan treat which everyone can enjoy.

A moist and lightly sweet enriched roasted pumpkin dough surrounds a luxurious velvety spiced pumpkin custard which delivers a delicately balanced burst of autumnal spices in every bite. The doughnut is then dipped in a smooth sweet pumpkin glaze before a toasty oaty crumble is generously layered on adding an extra crunch that contrasts beautifully with the softness of the dough and the creamy richness of the custard.

Back by popular demand try our Spiced Pumpkin doughnut before it’s gone!


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Pecan Caramel Doughnut


Crosstown’s Pecan Caramel doughnut, crafted with precision and passion, this doughnut is full of rich flavours and contrasting textures.

At the heart of this delicious doughnut lies a silky Tongan vanilla custard providing a subtle sweetness of Tongan vanilla, situated inside a black cocoa sourdough. Topped with a sweet vanilla glaze the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the centre piece, caramelised pecans are generously piled high, introducing a delightful crunch and a rich caramel sweetness before a fragrant vanilla crumble is added.

This doughnut is a testament to Crosstown’s commitment to crafting doughnuts that not only taste extraordinary but look extraordinary as well. Try it now, for a limited time only!


Pumpkin & Dulce De Leche Doughnut


Announcing the return of a Crosstown masterpiece: the Pumpkin & Dulce de Leche doughnut. This doughnut captures the essence of autumnal flavours, with a twist of indulgence.

The base of this doughnut is a pumpkin cake dough, which provides a soft bite that immediately evokes the comforting feeling of cosy autumn days. The rich dulce de leche filling perfectly complements the savoury pumpkin, creating a flavour profile that is both familiar and exciting. The doughnut is generously topped with a vibrant sweet pumpkin glaze, adding an additional layer of sweetness. To finish, roasted pumpkin ribbons are delicately placed on the doughnut, adding a subtle textural to the flavour.

Every bite of this doughnut is a celebration of all things autumn. Try our Pumpkin & Dulce De Leche Cake doughnut here for a limited time only this autumn!

 No longer available.

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Embrace the essence of autumn with Crosstown’s Autumn Seasonal doughnut box.

Featuring our Rum & Pecan Caramel doughnut, reminiscent of those early autumn evenings.
Deep caramel, infused with the warmth of rum and vanilla, paired with toasted pecans within a black cocoa sourdough, the very embodiment of a comforting autumnal blanket.

Complemented by our Pumpkin & Dulce De Leche doughnut which captures the heart of late autumn days, when the scent of roasted pumpkins fills the air.
Soft pumpkin cake dough, combined with indulgent, buttery dulce de leche, topped with a sweet pumpkin glaze and roasted pumpkin ribbons, a tribute to the season of delicious, heart-warming food.

And crowned with our Spiced Pumpkin doughnut, a home comfort for autumn nights when there’s nowhere quite as nice as being curled up fireside under a blanket.
Moist, slighty sweet enriched pumpkin dough surrounding a spiced pumpkin custard, coated with a pumpkin glaze and topped with toasty oats, a cozy sanctuary from long dark autumn nights.

No longer available.

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