Full Time Assistant

£10/hr + bonus


The Role

To become a shift supervisor, you must have completed your 6-week probationary period as a Retail Assistant. You will have also demonstrated the following skills;

You provide great service consistently, for all customers. Even under pressure and during busy rushes, you are friendly, informative and patient.

You are trustworthy, honest and hard working. Your attention to detail and transparency when handling cash, carrying out cash ups and undertaking other administrative roles will be vital.

You have great phone etiquette and are able to deal with queries, which are not purely transactional. This might include wholesale or corporate enquiries, bespoke requests, and feedback.

You take initiative and don’t need to be guided through a daily shift. The store you work in always looks great and tasks are completed thoroughly.

You can are in-tune with the equipment requirements of your store and are able to anticipate what will need to be ordered.

You’re able to manage your peers and, while maintaining a fun and enjoyable environment, you can correct mistakes or provide constructive feedback.



£10/hr + annual bonus

Bonus: Your performance will be assessed on an annual basis. Your Manager and Area Manager will provide feedback and determine an annual bonus.


How To Apply

Please note, we are not currently hiring. However, you are free to send us your application below and we will keep it on file.

Fill out the application form below, any enquiries can be sent to: [email protected]. Only successful applicants will be contacted.