Jun 7, 2019 | Updates

We’ve shipped in the finest ingredients all the way from Australia ready to introduce our all-new, super energising beetroot and turmeric lattes to London this summer!

Made with organic Golden Grind powder from Melbourne, the turmeric latte is subtly spiced with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper and pairs perfectly with steamed milk (make it vegan with one of our dairy free alternatives), either served hot or poured over ice.

Golden Grind make their 100% natural, vegan and gluten free turmeric latte blend using all-real ingredients for the best specialty drinks. It’s this same craft that we’re proud to bake into our handmade doughnuts, fresh every day. 

The new beetroot latte features a sweet yet earthy flavour and a smooth, silky texture. Served with hot steamed milk or with ice, this is the perfect drink for summer and looks awesome in our (biodegradable) Crosstown cups.

Post a photo of the new drinks on Instagram throughout June (tagging @crosstowndoughnuts) and if we re-gram your snap, you’ll win a 6-pack of doughnuts on us!

Both new drinks are available at Crosstown stores across London for £3.50 (regular/hot) or £4.00 (large/hot & iced). Swap regular milk for one of our dairy-free alternatives for no additional cost to make it vegan.

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