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Things are getting spooky at Crosstown

Sep 13, 2021 | New Flavours

With spooky season right around the corner, we’re getting ready with the launch of our Halloween dough bites!

After a year away, we’re thrilled to be back celebrating our favourite season with some haunting additions to the Crosstown line-up.

Our Halloween dough bites are crafted with black cocoa dough, filled with homemade raspberry jam, and topped with a dark berry glaze. Finished with a spooky bat or pumpkin decoration. Not forgetting to mention, they’re suitable for vegans.

We’re proud to craft each dough bite from scratch. We roll our award-winning sourdough by hand and make all jams, compotes, fillings and glazes in-house in our London bakery.

So, whether you’re heading to a long-awaited haunted house party or choose to watch the Halloween movie classics in front of the TV, our Halloween dough bites are the perfect bite-size treat for the occasion.

When, how, where can you get your hands on our Halloween dough bites?

The Halloween dough bites will be available in-store and for on-demand delivery from the 28th October, individually and in boxes of three.

Our online offering includes the Halloween Box or Trick or Treat Box, featuring a box of fifteen Halloween dough bites alongside other Crosstown sweet treats and specialty drinks. Pre-order will be available from the 15th October with delivery and collection across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland. 

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