Four New Vegan Flavours For Veganuary

Dec 22, 2022 | New Flavours, Vegan Crosstown

At Crosstown,  we pride ourselves in offering  plant-based options which are just as (if not, more) delicious as their non-vegan counterparts, with over fifty-percent of our menu being vegan friendly.

That’s why for Veganuary 2023 we had to go big. Drum roll please… this Veganuary we have THREE new limited edition vegan doughnut flavours joining the Crosstown gang, and boy, what a treat we have in store for you!

So what are these new flavours, you say? 

Rhubarb & Jasmine doughnut (ve) – Crafted on our vegan sourdough, filled with a rhubarb and jasmine compote, dipped in a floral jasmine glaze, and topped with a strawberry buckwheat crumble.

Strawberry Cheesecake doughnut (ve) – A classic dessert made vegan! Our vegan sourdough has been piped with pockets of creamy plant-based cheesecake filling, dipped in a sweet strawberry glaze, filled with a handmade strawberry jam centre, and finished with a sprinkling of vanilla crumble.

Blood Orange doughnut (ve) – Award-winning vegan sourdough, generously coated in a subtly sweet and tart blood orange glaze, handfinished with dark chocolate curls and a segment of candied blood orange.

But that’s not all…

In true Crosstown style, we’re offering you more than just our doughnuts. To add to the Veganuary offering we’re also welcoming a brand new vegan dough bite flavour to the line-up, the Pistachio & Raspberry dough bite (ve) – A rich pistachio crème filled vegan dough bite, dipped in a raspberry glaze, finished with pistachio nibs and freeze dried raspberries.

The Veganuary flavours will be joining our core range of vegan doughnuts, from favourite Dark Chocolate Truffle to premium Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant. Alongside our vegan products, we have a dedicated vegan store in Marylebone, serving up exclusive vegan versions of flavours Homemade Raspberry Jam and Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar.

Veganuary Boxes

The Veganuary flavours will be available to purchase indiviually in-store and also in boxes, perfect for sharing with pals or taking into the office as a New Year treat:

Veganuary six-pack – Featuring two Rhubarb & Jasmine, two Strawberry Cheesecake and two Blood Orange doughnuts.

Veganuary twelve-pack – Featuring four Rhubarb & Jasmine, four Strawberry Cheesecake and four Blood Orange doughnuts.

Veganuary dough bite fifteen-pack – Featuring seven Pistachio & Raspberry and eight Dark Chocolate Truffle dough bites (exclusive for nationwide delivery, alongside the Dark Chocolate Truffle dough bites.

Boxes will be available in-store and for next-day delivery across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland from the 28th December.

Head to the Crosstown app or website to place an order now.


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